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AngularJS Development : Best Practices & Guidelines for web applications

You might have put pressure on your AngularJS development services to improve your web apps and generate better returns. Is it this simple? Haven’t they been trying it all along? We know you want to beat the competition and look out to build unique strategies.

Let us first understand the platform: AngularJS

What is AngularJS?
What is AngularJS?

What is AngularJS?

It was powered by Google in 2009, and it is a widely used JavaScript framework. The development process is easier to use and keeps data at bay from adding additional source code. This maintains the flexibility of the code and eliminates issues. AngularJS development works on building blocks.

Some benefits of using this platform are:

  • Ease to implement and use: It has a straightforward design architecture which the AngularJS developers use. It is easy to learn and implement to enhance the features.
  • Code Management: Having diverse components, it is effortless to manage the development process.
  • Predefined Solutions: It has flexible and ready-made solutions which will be used in web app development.
  • Time-Saving: The coding of the entire mobile or web application consumes less time. It is derived from HTML, which is more manageable and needs less effort.
  • Customizable languages: Sometimes, developers have to write the same code again for a feature in the app. This is handled in AngularJS as they can reuse the code.
  • Add-ons: In the modern web app development procedure, the MVVC (Model-View-View-Controller) or MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) is supported in AngularJS.
  • Testing: Every app has to go through the unit testing phase to ensure smooth delivery. AngularJS has great testing compatibilities.

What are the coding practices you must follow in AngularJS development?

AngularJS development?
What are the coding practices you must follow in AngularJS development?

Some set of rules that will help you do better in the coding:

  • The code should not exceed the limit of 400 lines
  • Each function should be limited to 75 lines
  • Use custom prefixes to prevent name collisions of elements and components
  • If the values of the variables are the same, then declare them with const
  • Ensure that the name of methods and properties are in lower camel case
  • Leave one blank line between the module and imports
  • Do not name the interface with a starting capital letter

How to indulge some best practices in your development process?

1.     Improve the page loading time

The users can add AngularJS to the web pages using the <script> tag. This framework and scripts have an impact on the loading speed of HTML code. The developers can work on improving the speed by placing the <script> tag at the bottom. This ensures that HTML code is loaded without any delay or interruption.

2.     Manipulating DOM with Custom Directives

Unlike the JS development tools, AngularJS is not built with built-in features that help modify and manipulate the DOM (Document Object Model). It still allows them to use a variety of directives. AngularJS developers have the option to build custom directives that helps in manipulating the DOM.

3.     Handle dependency injection

Developers have multiple ways to inject dependencies. They might do it using a new operator or create a service registry for the dependency. Developers can also keep the dependency injection global and store it in a single place. From our side, as AngularJS developers, they can transfer the dependency into the constructor function instead of using other options. When the dependency is passed through the constructor function, other objects or functions will generate it without any intervention.

4.     Determine Object Scope

The developers should specify the scope of objects. AngularJS gives the components controls to the controller. It would help if you had write-only controllers to get data written in the scope for the templates.  The programmer should ensure to add the properties only in the object to prevent any issues in the future.

5.     Organize using Modules

As a programmer, you can organize and control the web app using individual modules. Experts always prefer individual modules for the components like directives, controllers, and services. There are chances that a specific web app functionality will need components and dependencies from other modules.

6.     Add structure to the web apps

During the development phase, developers forget to keep the files and resources in proper structure. It is vital to have a structure of files and follow recommended guidelines during the development process. Many tools in the market will make this process more efficient and more accessible for the developers.

7.     Unit Testing

This is an inevitable phase for every web or mobile app. It ensures that your platform is running smoothly and does not face any errors or issues. Always go through this state to provide a user-friendly experience and look for the scope of improvements.


There is a plethora of benefits when you engage with AngularJS development services. It would help if you had the right team of developers to unlock great features and functionalities into your web or mobile apps. AngularJS has excellent tools and resources to make the development process effortless.

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