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How to Convert PST to PDF Format?

Here, in this blog, we are doing to discuss a perfect solution to convert PST to PDF format. There are lots of solutions for this available on the Internet but still, users are facing a lot of disruptions while conversion of files to Adobe PDF format.

PST is a well-known format that is known as a Personal Storage Table and contains all the data including emails, contacts, attachments, journals, to-do lists, calendars, etc. It is supported by Microsoft Outlook and other Microsoft clients such as Office 365 and Exchange.

On the other hand, if we discuss PDF then we can say that it is a universally portable format that can be easily accessible anywhere from any kind of device without the need for any extra installation or application.

Moreover, having a lot of solutions does not mean that users’ queries are fulfilling, maybe those solutions do not work according to the needs and requirements of the people. Therefore, we have brought an on-demand tool that allows users to export Outlook PST data directly to PDF format.

User Query

“Hi, I am Kylin. I am using the Outlook Email Account for the last 3 years and now I am facing some issues while working so, I am thinking to store all the data as a backup in my system. I had tried to store them as a PDF but for that, I need to save my emails one by one. Is there any other solution present that can help me to convert PST files to PDF in bulk?”

We will discuss both the manual as well as the professional solutions. And you can continue with anyone that you think will meet your needs and requirements.

Export Outlook PST Files to PDF – Manually

Here, in the manual solution, we will take the help of Microsoft Outlook.

  1. Go to Outlook Account.
  2. Choose the email that you want to convert.
  3. Using File Menu >> click on Print.
  4. Select “Microsoft Print to PDF”.
  5. Choose pages and Print.
  6. Save the resultant file in the destination location.

This method is simple and easy to use but imposes a limitation that it can convert one email to PDF at once.

Automated Solution to Convert PST Files to PDF

To carry out the desired results instantly with 100% accuracy, we suggest you use the PCDOTS PST File Converter. The tool is an effective solution that works globally by most professional experts to carry out the conversion of bulk PST files to Adobe PDF without using Outlook. While exporting a large number of data, it does not affect any kind of data and hence, maintains the entire data in the original format.

It has been specially developed to understand the needs of the users. Even we had also read most of the queries from technical forums where users want a perfect solution.

Without thinking too much, just free download the PST to PDF Converter and initiate the conversion.

Simple Steps to convert PST to PDF:

  1. Run the mentioned utility.
  2. Upload the PST files from the system.
  3. Select the needed data.
  4. Go to Export >> Select PDF.
  5. Get the resultant data.

Complete Guide for the Conversion of Files to Adobe PDF:

  • Install and start the given software in your existing Windows OS system and initiate the conversion.
  • Go to the Open Menu >> Select Email Data Files >> Choose PST files and upload the data directly by choosing it from the system.
  • Then, you will be able to see all the data on the panel in the compact view. By clicking on a particular file, you can see the entire email and other data present in it. Select the needed data that you want to convert.
  • Go to the Export Menu and select PDF as the Document file format from the list of formats.
  • After that, enter the destination location and choose the file naming option to save the resultant file.
  • Wait for a few minutes, and you can see the successful migration message on the software screen.

Hence, by performing these simple steps, users can easily convert the bulk of Outlook emails to PDF format.

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Features of the Software

  • The PST to PDF Converter provides a simplified user interface that can be easily operated by all Internet users.
  • Users can easily export PST files to PDF without Outlook as well as in other multiple formats such as MBOX, EML, Text, HTML, and other Email Services such as Gmail, Office 365, IMAP, and Thunderbird Email Client.
  • After uploading the data, users can easily view the entire emails in multiple preview modes. Data will be view in content view, property’s view, hex view, and raw message.
  • This utility also provides an option for the users to extract email elements such as email attachments, email addresses, and phone numbers individually.
  • Provides multiple file naming options at the end of the conversion to name the resultant files such as From-Subject, Year-Month-Day-Time-From-Subject, etc.

In the End

Therefore, we just wanted to say that we had mentioned both the manual and professional solutions in detail to convert PST to PDF. However, there are a lot of other solutions present but it is not possible to convert the bulk of files using the manual solution. That’s why we recommend you to continue with the given PST to PDF Converter and get instant results.

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