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2021 Logo Design: Inventory of Logo Design Tools

Good. If you already have some time on the internet researching how to logo design for your company, then you got the right article. Here you will be able to check the best tools that are sure to help you during the process of creating free online logos.

Having a 100% unique logo through a project created from scratch is the dream of many people who undertake it. But a point that draws a lot of attention is that these people believe that creating a logo is a process with super high cost-benefit.

The fact is that this statement is not true. Today, it is possible to create a super intuitive and inexpensive logo without large investments or a budget.

Many people do not know or do not give more importance; the logo has great importance. It can be considered your business’s identity and the first eye contact between customer and organization. It is through it that your end consumer can visualize and identify your company.

Therefore, the logo is important. And you must build a logo loaded with identity, especially that it impacts the audience you want to conquer. In case you don’t know, this is a strategy used by big companies and brands that want to be remembered.

You can mention Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike, Netflix and other big companies that have worldwide repercussions and are seen and remembered because of their logo.

If you want to be big and conquer space with authority in the market, you need to invest in a logo. And today, thanks to digital marketing, it is possible to build a free and super professional online logo.

Good. Let’s stop messing around and take action. From now on, you can check which are the best sites to help you create your logo. Best of all, you’ll be able to access the programs for free.

Check out the 7 best tools for logo creation.

Paid software has the advantage of being all very comprehensive and allowing you to create your Logo from A to Z without any limits. However, you have a limited budget, and you can also try some free online logo makers to get your project done. This post recommends this software to people who already have some knowledge of design software.


DesignEvo provides tens of thousands of free logo design templates, many adjustable fonts, and the logo template can be modified according to the brand’s image. DesignEvo also provides a special preview icon, which can apply the logo to different items to display preview images, such as websites, cards, book covers, clothes, etc. As it supports cloud storage, after you have finished your logo project, you can register a DesignEvo account to save your design and edit whenever you want.


Canva has a complete interface, provides more than 8,000 free wide-range of templates. In addition to logo design, it can also be used to make other materials. Simultaneously, you can upload the Logo design to the cloud, share it with others, modify it, and design the labor division. Canva is also one of the few logo design tools that have an APP version. Logo design can be easily completed with a mobile phone. Because the account is shared with the computer version, you can also use the mobile phone to make it first and then use it to modify the details.

Adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is part of the great family of Adobe Suite software. The teachers’ Design professionals use this software and therefore require some learning time. Illustrator leaves no limit to your imagination if you master it.

Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is just like Illustrator, graphic design software that lets you create your logos using vectors with a simpler and more streamlined interface. It may be easier to use than Illustrator thanks to its interface and is available on Ipad.

Gravit Designer

Are you looking for great software to create your logo for free? Gravit Designer is for you. This easy-to-use software has many tools that will allow you to create your logo easily.


If you don’t mind working with English-speaking software, you will find what you are looking for on Vectr. Like Gravit Designer, it allows you to create your logo efficiently, whether you are a beginner or not.

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