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Advertising methods and tools in WhatsApp

Advertising has a high effect on business growth and always people are looking for a good atmosphere. If you want to have high-impact advertising you need to find an atmosphere that has many audiences. the more audiences, the more effective your advertising will be. These days social networks and messengers have many audiences and they can be an appropriate choice for advertising. WhatsApp is one of the messengers that have many users and if you advertise your business, you will be more visible among the people. This messenger is fast and free and you can use it easily.

But advertising on this platform is not easy and you may face some difficulties so, you should use a tool to advertise on WhatsApp easily. Stay with us to learn more about this advertising method.

Types of Advertising on WhatsApp

For advertising on WhatsApp, you have two ways:

  1. Sending advertising messages to WhatsApp group
  2. Sending advertising messages to people’s private chats on WhatsApp

In the following, we will explain each of these methods to you.

Sending Advertising Messages to WhatsApp Group

In this method, you have two choices for advertising. Become a member of the most visited groups with a high number of members and send your advertising message to the group with the permission of the admin, or create a group on WhatsApp and publish content related to your business in it and attract more members to your group, get more audiences to introduce your business. But in general, it is not a good advertising method. In the following, we want to explain why this advertising method is not good.

Since the number of WhatsApp group members is limited, your message will not be seen by many people. In this case, you cannot have high-yield advertising because high-yield advertising needs many audiences. People usually do not pay attention to all messages in the groups, so, your message may not be seen by people.  

Sending Advertising Messages to People’s Private Chats on WhatsApp

The most effective method of advertising on WhatsApp is sending advertising messages to people’s private chats because people always pay attention to the messages that are received privately and when you send a message to a person, even if that person is a stranger, that person’s will open and read your message out of curiosity. But you should consider some factors to have high-efficient advertising in people’s private chats. In the following, we will explain these factors.

  • The first factor is to write an appropriate text for your content. Your advertising text is the first thing that the audiences see from you and your business. So, the importance of writing an appropriate text is obvious.
  • It is better to use simple words and prevent using specialized words.
  • Do not forget to send your messages with a greeting. At first, you should say hello and then introduce your business.
  • You should choose your audience well. It means you should send your advertising messages to the people who are interested in or somehow related to your business and need your products and services. If you do not send your message to appropriate audiences, they may block you because they feel you have harassed them. Stay with us to know how you can provide a list of numbers of your target audiences.

But after considering all these factors, as you can guess, monitoring several lines for performing advertising affairs and sending a message to each audience is so time-consuming and intolerable to be done manually. The need for automation as a tool for advertising activities is obvious.

Automation Tools for Sending Bulk Messages

Some tools can do all steps of advertising easily and automatically for you. These tools are windows-based bots that can extract group members’ specifications (number, ID, and…). You only need to provide the bot with the text of your intended messages and a list of numbers and IDs of your target audiences and the rest of the operation will be done automatically by the bot. You can also use this bot to send bulk messages to groups.

Introduction of Various Bots for Sending Bulk Advertising on WhatsApp

  1. wasend
  2. WA Auto Sender
  3. Virtual User


WA Auto sender Bot

The WA Auto Sender is a tool for sending bulk messages on WhatsApp. This tool works as a WhatsApp marketing tool to send notifications/messages on WhatsApp. Using this bot, you can send your WhatsApp advertising messages to users.

  • Ability to send private messages
  • Ability to send an image with a caption
  • Ability to send report CSV
  • Ability to filter numbers
  • Ability to send messages with captions
Negative point:
  • You can only activate this bot just 4 times.
  • The number of lines that you can use in this bot is limited (just 10 numbers).
  • The bot is both annually and monthly.


The WApp-Sender is a powerful free google chrome plugin for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems to send WhatsApp messages to many audiences. This allows you to send messages to the saved/unsaved contact with pictures, audio, videos, and documents.

  • Ability to Send messages to unsaved numbers
  • Ability to send customized and personalized messages
  • Ability to support CSV/text file upload
  • Ability to support multi attachments
  • Ability to put a delay between each submission
Negative point:
  • It does not have the forward option
  • The bot needs a PC and virtual server to lunch

Virtual User

One of the best examples of sending bulk messages software is the Virtual User, which is also known internationally. The specifications considered in this software have made it unique.
  • Ability to extract group members
  • Ability to send bulk messages to audiences and members of the groups
  • Ability to change lines and thus decrease the risk of your account being blocked
  • High processing speed
  • No need to pay for sending each message.
  • Ability to send any kinds of content (text, photo, link, and …)
  • Tutorials and PDFs about how to have an effective marketing campaign
  • Ability to forward messages
  • Ability to send messages to the groups
  • 24-hours support
Negative point:
  • The bot needs a PC and virtual server to lunch.
  • You need the license to run it.


We have explained above that advertising on WhatsApp has a high impact especially if you send your content to people’s private chats. You should consider some factors to have effective advertising like finding an appropriate target audience and writing a good text for the promotional message.

In the following, we introduced to you some tools that can help you in advertising and compared them with each other. So, you can choose the best one. Using these tools, you can automate all advertising activities and perform them at the highest speed.

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