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Free Podcast submission sites list of 2020 – 2021

What is Podcast ?

podcast is an episodic series of spoken-word digital audio files that a user can download to a personal device for easy listening. Streaming applications and podcasting services provide a convenient and integrated way to manage a personal consumption queue across many podcast sources and playback devices.

Source – Wikipedia

Podcast submission sites are getting more popular these days. Free podcast directories list is an online place where you can submit your podcast episode. To say that, it is a good concept for aspiring podcast viewers and users who seek to listen and download various audios. Popular and interesting podcasts come from a variety of search that helps greatly in driving up organic clicks on the site.

Here is the list of Podcast Submission Sites

S.NoPodcast Submission Sites List of 2020 – 2021DAPA
11player. FM7255
14castbox. FM5432
40good pods.com109
41cepi. media33
Podcast submission sites

Podcast submission sites offer

a unique opportunity for various podcasts to broaden their horizon of listenership by targeting specific communities with common interests.

The podcast audience is targeted based on location, age, interests, and keywords. This gives a natural audience for various podcasts.

The audience is targeted in a way that the podcasting community wants to be included hence the social media popularity and another viral marketing effect.

Podcast directories let you add,

download and share your podcast files with your friends, followers, and visitors. It helps to bring more attention to your audio files and ultimately increase traffic.

By adding your audio files to the directory, you are giving out permission for people to repost your files and share them with their contacts. The more audience you can get, the more chances of organic downloads and backlinks.

Podcast submission is a simple process

and needs not be done manually. There are several automated submission services that helps in the submission and syndication of your audio files to the appropriate category.

These automated podcast submission sites come with built-in article submissions, blog submissions, and social bookmarking to make sure that your content reaches the right audience.

Some submission sites also provide free podcast submission software that makes things even easier.

Podcast submission sites help in the visibility

of your podcasts by adding them to popular podcasts directories. These directories help in the increase in traffic towards your site and increase the visibility of your podcasts among the audience on the internet.

Podcast directories let the audience know about your podcast even if they don’t have a reliable source of internet connection. Thus, by opting for podcast directories, you are reaching the right audience.

Podcast submission sites help podcasters

by providing video versions of their podcasts. This version is intended to provide a more viewer-friendly option. Podcasts with video versions allow podcasters to promote their websites or get additional backlinks to their audio files.

Most video submission sites allow podcasters to upload a video file in different resolutions such as High Definition (HD), Normal Definition (SD), and the iPad version (4.3) as well as in the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

Podcasts with video versions

are more viewable and most often are used as resources for online tutorials and quick overviews of news. Podcast viewers who can not see the video files often prefer to listen to the audio file rather than read through detailed descriptions.

Podcast audiences looking for more information will visit the website of the podcaster instead of using search engines searching for related information.

Thus, by adding a Podcast version to the website, you are inviting more visitors to listen to your podcasts and in turn generate more traffic towards your site.

The huge popularity of podcasters has increased

their demand for creating new Podcasts and new forms of advertising. For this purpose, many podcasters lookout for podcast submission sites that will help them in their ventures.

By giving permission to other podcasters to use your podcast in their shows, you are not only drawing in a new audience but also promoting your brand and helping it to gain online exposure.

Podcast submission sites also provide a good number of resources for content writers and advertisers to advertise their products and services. You may even consider getting backlinks from such sites which will help to boost your search engine rankings.

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