TikTok Advertising: An Amazing Guide For Brands To Become Popular In 2021

The growth of TikTok advertising is bursting nowadays by gaining huge popularity across the globe. Particularly, youngsters love to be on TikTok performing several actions to make fun of and lead a stress-free life.

Plenty of people gained popularity by using only TikTok, and those stars are Loren gray beech, Baby Ariel, and even more.

TikTok is a powerful medium that tends to reach millions of audiences in just a few seconds. But publishing a unique and exciting video is essential to gather the audience’s attention.

Currently, TikTok has gained more than 800 million monthly active users with 2 billion downloads. Definitely, it was a surprise to the researchers because it happened beyond their expectations. 

Various features stream on TikTok for gathering large audiences with your fantastic video. Brands start to experiment using TikTok marketing strategy to show their presence to target audiences.

From that, the TikTok advertising feature is on its rise to increasing the brand reach.

Let’s see the importance of advertising and its features to gain success for a brand in the article. Are you ready? Start to enjoy using TikTok ads for brand improvement!

Importance Of Advertising For Brands

The most effective strategy for brands on any social media is the advertising feature. Gain a massive population by using TikTok in the right path.

Increase your brand voice through TikTok ads and make your target audiences buy the products and services as well. 

TikTok Advertising
Tiktok Advertising

Here are the advantages of the TikTok advertising feature, and you can start your promotion activities by getting experience from below necessary points.

1. Offers Huge Audience Base

TikTok now becomes the sixth-largest social media network and gains popularity in instant times. The ages of all people are enjoying the videos on TikTok but more impact on younger generations.

Since TikTok gains thousands of videos per day, make yourself perfect in posting content.

However, the advertising feature brings your brand to new audiences. Relate your brand’s objective with valuable and creative advertising content. Ensure that your ad content matches your target audience’s interest.

#2. Enhance Customer Engagement

All you need to gain higher engagement from audiences is to be unique and authentic. Give your content filled with the latest information to stick your audiences to your brand.

There will always be an audience community to watch TikTok ads, taking the advertising feature to the next level.

Go viral by preparing content that your audiences love to watch and make them entertained with your video ads.

#3. Increase Brand Awareness

The greater part of your brand’s success is creating awareness among your target audiences about your brand’s existence.

When your brand image reaches everywhere, there is no doubt in reaching a higher point to gain awareness. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Using a TikTok ad, you can set your ad placements and the interest of your target audiences that may persuade people to watch your brand.

When you are launching a new product or any update, go with TikTok ads that definitely work out well.

#4. Creates Brand Image

The responsible phenomenon for getting a brand image is by creating quality and engaging content.

Be authentic in what you publish on your TikTok ads. Show the activities of your business to the audiences for building a strong trust.

Bring out the unique property of your product or brand in ads and show your audiences that you are distinct from others.

6 Types Of TikTok Ads To Run

The advertising platform on TikTok is the automotive tool to optimize your brand among massive audiences.

Reach wider audiences with your brand message by using TikTok ads, and there are six different types of ads for you to utilize the advantage:

1. InFeed Ads:

The InFeed ads appear in between the For You page when the audiences are busy scrolling down other content.

Infeed Ads

TikTok provides you 15 to 60 seconds to wind up your thoughts on this ad, and the users can share your advertising content. So, it leads to the brand’s reach among your target audiences.

2. Brand Takeover Ads:

Using these ads gain indirect sales benefits to your brand. Brand Takeover ads appear immediately after opening your TikTok application. These are full-screen videos where it takes audiences either to internal or external destinations.

An important point to notice is that users can see only one ad in a day, so take this as a great advantage and get exposure for your brand.

3. Top View Ads

TikTok allows a specific place for displaying advertisements. TopView ad is just like Brand Takeover ads, i.e., the ad appears while opening your TikTok application.

TikTok Ad Campaign

But the difference to be noted is TopView ad displays after five seconds of opening up your TikTok application. Show your creativity using this ad for 60 seconds and include the CTA option.

4. Hashtag Challenge Ads

This advertising part is limited to only the TikTok users. The hashtag challenges provide two benefits. One can be organic growth, and the other is sponsored benefits to your business.

Create an ability to produce engaging content. Using this ad, you can redirect your audiences either to the landing page or challenges using a branded hashtag.

5. Influencer Ads

Influencer’s part is effective on all social media channels. Partnering with the right influencer boosts TikTok followers by generating awareness for your brand.

The influencer publishes your ad on their page as a sponsored one where there are chances to get loyal customers.

Since influencers have loyal followers on TikTok, the chance of converting their audiences into your customers is higher. 

6. Branded Effects Ads

Branded Effects ad becomes a favorite TikTok ad type for brands because it allows users to customize their ad content.

TikTok allows adding trending effects, filters, i.e., the AR formats. It creates great fun for your audiences and increases engagement.

Steps To Start Your TikTok Ad Campaign

Are you ready to enjoy traffic and sales for your business? Let’s have a step-by-step process for creating a successful ad for your brand.

Step 1: Create An Ad Account

Since TikTok has a separate place to create ads, fill out the details to start a branded TikTok account. Use your mail id or contact number to open an account. Now, everything is set to begin your storm success through ads. 

Create Ad Campaign

Step 2: Build Strategies Using TikTok Campaign

Good research leads to brand success! Before creating the content, know the latest trends streaming on TikTok to make your ad more exciting to audiences. Then in the TikTok Ads platform, choose the “Campaigns” tab located at the top. Click on create.

Now, you have to choose your objective that suits your brand. The three options available are:

  • Traffic: It takes the users to your website, increasing the clicks.
  • Conversions: Improve your brand’s ROI by gaining more sales.
  • App Installs: The goal takes audiences to your application download page that gives a successful path for your brand’s journey.

Step 3: Set A Budget

Think TikTok ads as an investment for your business and set a budget to run ads successfully. There are two options available based on budget – Daily and Lifetime budget.

The minimum ad budget on TikTok is $50, and proceed with it to improve your brand reach. 

Step 4: Establish Ad Placements With Targeting Details

After completing the above process, it is time to set an ad group with placements and targeting. You may select a particular placement or leave it for automatic placement.

Next comes the targeting option, where you can choose audiences based on age, gender, location, languages, interest, behavior, and many more. Your ad will appear for audiences based on your targeting only.

Step 5: Ads Scheduling

TikTok allows you to fix the start and end times of your ad based on your budget and needs. You can either set a date range or let them run continuously until your budget exceeds.

Ads Payment details

Wrapping Up:

TikTok is an open place for brands and businesses to explore their creative nature with their target audiences. With various features,

TikTok advertising remains the best part to increase brand awareness. Combine both your informative and entertaining skills on your ad content to bring out a successful brand. 

I hope this article pours you excellent ideas to create mesmerizing ads to make your brand popular. Build the ad with the right strategy and take your brand to the next level of success!

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