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Some Must-Have Ecommerce Website Elements In Your Design 

When it comes to retail sales, eCommerce contributes about 25% of it! This pandemic has taught us the value of digital sales or online shopping, making eCommerce an essential part of the business.

There are many things that you need to keep in mind while designing the website, starting with your target audience. You need to figure out their preferences, their wants and their comfort zones, and precisely what they are looking for in the website to be able to cater to them individually. eCommerce website design has proven to increase online sales by being the most straightforward, user-friendly website. 

Here are some of the elements that you must have while designing the eCommerce Website:

  1. Mobile-friendly Design

It is no secret that most of us have android phones now, and that is what we use whenever we need to buy something. So as a retailer, you need to keep that in mind and make the website design mobile-friendly as it is proven that around 65% of customers are likely to buy from mobile-friendly sites. You can use responsive web designs to make it mobile-friendly.

  1. User-friendly navigation features

Navigation is one such feature where there is no scope for compromise. This will make or break your eCommerce website design; the faster the consumer can find the purchase, the more likely it is to get sales. Additionally, you can apply different filters and sort techniques to make it extremely easy for users to get what they are looking for. 

  1. Security Feature

No one will ever trust your website if adequate security is not implemented. The consumer data has to be well protected, and if the buyers don’t trust your page, they will most likely not make an online purchase. Therefore, it is preferable to get an SSL certificate.  

  1. Prominent Checkout buttons

The check-out is an essential part of the entire transition of the shopping. Therefore, ensure that all the necessary features are highlighted; the name, the price, the order details, the address, the mode of payment, and the quantity of the products are prominently visible. In addition, the ease of movement in and out of the cart should also be swift to gain the user’s trust.

  1. Trusted payment options

Kindly ensure that you provide many safe payment options; few consumers would want net banking while some might wish to credit card transactions while others prefer payment on delivery. You need to keep in mind that you cater to all the customers, and they each have to be catered to individually. 

  1. Rating and Reviews

This is the best way to gain the consumer’s trust; people tend to trust more when they see other people using similar products. The honest reviews and ratings will attract genuine customers and give them exact knowledge of what they want and can help build a bridge and ensure sales are made.


Your eCommerce website design reflects the value of your product, and hence designing the perfect eCommerce website is essential. Therefore, before you finalize anything, ensure that you consult with an expert!

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