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How To Get Your Websites on Google With Few Easy Steps? 

Website on Google With Few Easy Steps

As a small business owner, the first thing you need to do to create awareness about your brand is to establish a great google website. With around 200 million active websites on Google, it is not easy to get your website on the platform. Though not too complicated, the formula to land good rankings on this search engine is a little more elaborate than expected, which is why most people rely on expert advice that can break down the process for them. 

Whether it is a tech brand, a consultancy, or mystery rooms in Bangalore, every business benefits from good visibility on Google. Websites that rank well on Google hold a distinctive trait that makes them attract more customers. This might be due to how they do content marketing or because of their content itself. Once you understand the right approach, it will not just help you in getting your website published but also give you a bunch of strategies on how you can grow your brand.

There are organised systems that work to determine which site will rank higher on Google. The first step in creating awareness is to create a website; this can be a basic or a full-fledged account site. After making a website, Google will expose you to several tools you can use to get your website ranked. 

Here are the 6 Steps to Get Your Website Ranked on Google 

We have prepared for you a list of resources and a checklist which you must keep in mind while trying to get your website ranked on Google. 

1. Submit Your Site to Google: 

So, you have prepared a website and used every SEO tip you could. But still, your website is not ranking on Google. The solution to this is giving a heads up to Google by submitting your sitemap on the Google Search console. This helps Google in speeding up the process of indexing the website and putting it on its page.  

You can also check whether your site is already included in Google’s search index or not by doing a quick search of your site’s URL. If the search results display your website pages, it would automatically mean that your site is included on Google.   

2. Place a trail of the Site Link: 

The whole motive of creating a site is to make sure that it appears on the top search on Google. Another thing you could do to ensure that your webpage ranks on Google is by working for other publications and blogs and generating high-quality backlinks from there. This would help you to create awareness about your brand and direct the bots to your hyperlink. 

This will also ensure that you get more traffic online through the hyperlinks. The second option to create a trail is by posting your URL on social media profiles and online directories. By doing this, you ensure that the customers get a chance to directly access information from your page.  

3. Keywords are the Key to Success: 

Keywords are words or phrases which frequently appear on the search records of Google. Google forms a list of keywords through the searches that have been made by people in the past. For example, if you want to gain information about a book, you search for the name of the book or the author, and thus that phrase becomes the keyword for that search. Keywords that are not more than 5 words are called short-tailed keywords and are the most searched ones. The ones which are above 5 words fall under the long-tailed category and have a lower search volume. 

Make sure that you include at least 4-5 short keywords and 2-3 long ones for a better search. This helps Google to look for your articles according to the frequency of keywords and rank them online. One pro tip to search for keywords is to top at the bold words at the end of a search page or to use online tools like spy fly, Google Trends, or Neil Patel Uber. 

4. Manage the Meta Tags: 

Meta tags are the small source codes of text that describe your page’s content. These don’t appear on the page itself but are hidden in the source code that tells the search engine what the web page is about. When you search for a topic, the blue lettering you see are meta tags, and the description beneath is called the meta description. 

Remember to include strategic keywords while writing your metadata. These labels and descriptions help the audience to get a better understanding of what they can expect and hence adding up to the chance of opening the website.  

5. Utilize Mobile Responsiveness: 

Make sure that your webpage is available to the users fast, even through mobiles. Studies show that 29% of smartphone users tend to switch to another webpage because of slow-loading. Poor speed can make the audience get out of the page and look for something else. You can achieve this by minimizing the ‘HTTP requests’ or by ensuring that the image size is perfect for desktop and mobile. You can use Google’s Page Insights tool to get a detailed insight of the speed and work on it.   

6. List your Site on Google Business: 

When you are starting a new business, the first step should be to list on Google business. This ensures that you get a quick SEO win and appear on the relevant searches in your geographic area. To ensure a smooth process, make sure that you verify your business so that your company is highlighted through the searches of Google Maps too. But this is only beneficial if your business operates through a physical location and the customers can get services offline. If you operate offline, using the local SEO to list your site is very important. 


While these tips will help you get your website on google, you need to keep in mind that your page would only rank if Google search consoles can navigate it. This is only possible with the help of correct SEO usage. So, follow these steps to see your website ranked on the first page! 

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