Refresh Your Wardrobe with These Stylish Lily N Litchy

Do you want to refresh your wardrobe? Do you want to add new brands that are not only stylish but are trendy? Then we have got you covered with a homegrown brand that focuses on women’s fashion by providing them statement fashion wear, which adds stars to their wardrobe.

Lily n Litchy is one such brand that wants to promote fashion statements by providing clothing that can be worn out on many occasions.


Prerna Jain, the heart behind this brand, focuses on creating a brand that caters to every girl’s fashion. This brand wants to create a style that makes everyone feel they belong, Where the fashion creators meet their expectations and wishes.

Lily n Litchy is one such brand, which wants to create its identity as a fashion brand that makes everyone feel accepted. A brand that not only provides clothes but also serves dreams.

The brand has introduced its captivating audiences with two summer staple dresses that focus on creating a chic and comfortable look in this blazing heat of summer this year.

Here are the dresses launched by Lily n Litchy – 

  1. A wrap dress with ruffle detail and floral print is a perfect brunch outfit to go out with friends, family, or your date. 
  1. The other dress is The Dainty Girl Dress. It has a smocked bodice that adds style to your daily outfit. When you don’t know what to wear, The Dainty Girl Dress is just the perfect fit for you.
  1. It is not all. They also have a stylish handkerchief design skirt with a low-neck black blouse. But the beauty of this skirt is that it could be paired with basic t-shirts and even with an elegant top. It can be a perfect college outfit for a chic night-out outfit. It could be styled in too many ways, which makes it versatile and budget-friendly.

Lily n Litchy is a women’s brand that wants to push the fashion boundary by being inclusive and stylish. Head to their Instagram page and get wooed by their fantastic collection that will fit your wardrobe instantly.

Lily n Litchy Instagram Profile –

Liked their product? Directly buy these wonderful dresses by Lily n LItchy by leaving a whatsapp message

Prerna Jain Instagram Profile-

Lily n Litchy Whatsapp Number- +818595284334

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