Summer Dress Styles for Girls This Season

Think about the idea of ​​envelopes, think about the 90s, don’t do it, because they are Carrie Bradshaw’s favorite shoes, naturally they look very beautiful, loved by Buffy and other stars at the time, please don’t summarize Old faux pas.

They return to the season in any shape or form you want. The pointed toes, knots, heels, top and floor are made of plastic, leather or cloth, with decorative stones, hooks and even beautiful wings. They appear to be shapes, white, cut or metallic paint colors (and other colors). Slender legs and lawn are not always soft, so if you don’t want to risk being mistaken for Popeye’s girlfriend, you can show many beautiful things.

They traversed the true paths of Chloé, Alexander Wang, Céline (see the heel of the triangle!), Altuzarra, Kenzo and Gianvito Rossi. Monique Lhuillier is made of PVC, while Christian Louboutin is made of beads. Stella McCartney’s creation did look like the back of a shoe, but the wear was rejected.

We went on a sightseeing tour with her collection “Nuno”, Manolo Blank made some interesting objects, but flat-bottomed less appeared in Helmut Lang. Glide on areas with belts (especially physical belts), and cropped pants are part of the dream team.

As Carrie has shown us many times, the chiffon variety is indeed very effective. Fold in or match a variety of different outfits. If your shoes are courageous, you can reduce the color of your clothes. We heard that it is recommended that open-toed mu shoes need boots that are similar to the rest of the foot, but we think this is perfect for you!

They are made in the summer and can’t wait to buy your short skirts and denim jeans. Part of the reason is that the shapes, colors, patterns, flowers and animal patterns are different, so the work joined in 2014, eager.

Pack it in a large backpack or bucket. If you are wearing stilettos, please put it with the other side. Add biscuits and biscuits, and you can catch the train!

Sequins Trending

Sequins Trending
     Sequins Trending

Don’t bask in the sun in the summer-the chain is very hot in 2014, and there are many ways to wear it. Only one piece of clothing can change your overall appearance and make it easier for you to adapt to everyday clothes. The best night to send out Magalia. Seda, let soft clothes wear less, Pakistani lawn dress with new interest and desire, and keeps.

With a small screen skirt for a beautiful back-to-back posture, you can stand out all night. The main purpose of the auction is to capture light when moving, so wear it with your bare legs, or reflect the mattress on a solid color fabric, you will always have an eye-catching appearance.

You can go all out and choose a matching Pakistani dress, but be sure to choose a short skirt, otherwise you may risk a long history. d Don’t shake the top surface, but try the surface-preferably a soft object so that the sequence can follow your movement. If you are looking at a more delicate T-shirt or surface, you can use the next screen or design can also be used.

Or choose a soft texture or push it into a white combination to conceal it-many series look too messy and may conflict, so it is wise to pick up a balanced item in the closet that looks really good.

Of course, you want accessories to be brighter than clothes. A sequined suitcase or handbag is a great way to add charm. If get rid of shiny clothes or skirts, and you seem to like or follow Dorothy’s lahara and invest in something soft and delicate, this is definitely a winner. Lying in nightclubs or bars and robes, their legs or clothes look very beautiful. You can even wear on high heels, and you can change clothes immediately.

Pleated Skirts

Pleated Skirts
Pleated Skirts

Don’t rule out deception just because you think your shape is wrong. You can add a lot of deception. Therefore, if you are aware of the size of your hips, stick to a soft knife and Pakistani clothes, and simply return to the layer (yes, “small Type -ka” will appear in a large and small label box, and the maximum value will fit.

Choose wool or linen outdoors at night, cool cotton in hot weather, mix styles or choose silk at any time. C Chiffon likes to float, but never walks on the floor. you

So, what is effective for fraud? Tank or camouflage tops should be folded to any length from cut to tunic. I look like a professional woman, although you may need to add focus, such as jewelry or jewelry.

For example, don’t be afraid of confusion. If you add a package, this card looks very personal. Pull the shoulders of the T-shirt or linen dress into the plain shirt. Do the latter.The belt can add a special touch, whether it is narrow to the upper waist or wide to trigger a thin slip. In this case, please consider using a beautiful and elegant belt.

Polka Dots 

Polka Dots 
Polka Dots

Oscar de la Rental floats on the appearance of a floral chiffon evening gown, while Dolce & Gabbana enjoys fashionable and vibrant red. Polka dot collection. If denim does not appear anywhere, this is not a viable option, so skinny jeans will be forced to have dots. As Andrea Diaconu’s working model proved by Stella McCartney, they are most effective in light jackets and T-shirts.

This is a unique change suitable for monochromatic mania fishing this season. Choose a black top, opposite the front and back of the skirt or pants. Give a dress a bold point, but make it the top of the dress, add brightly colored accessories to break it down or dress it up entirely with small dots, and place larger dots in a narrow space, such as soft feathers or scarf.

If you see this pattern geometrically, you can use a beautiful dress skirt to paste it on the blue print, or mix a quite black and white circle with deep white whipped cream. The soft shadows will brighten your day; or try the dots at night. The patterned white shade emphasizes this look, and leather pants are suitable metal.

If all of this sounds good, please limit yourself to the items purchased for this device, that doesn’t mean we’re just talking about shoes, etc. There is absolutely no need to sort out polka dots from the iPad and iPhone shells, just lend you things. Hold your shell close to your heart-this means you can make a card or similar product using a color scheme, for example (with a check), and you will display both at.

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