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A Closer Look at Tea Tree Oil Toner

Tea tree oil toner has become a part of many people’s skin care routine. We can not ignore the wonderous effects it offers and cause to the skin.

History of Tea TreeOil

Tea tree oil is used for purposes now a day. Whether they are health issues or skin issues, it can help them cure. A famous tea tree oil toner with other skin products is widely in use. Before going to use it, we should know what actually this tea tree is and from where it has come into our lives.

Many native Australians from different islands of it and land places come to know about a tree called Melaleuca tree. Thousands of years ago, they were aware of the tree but not of the wonders it can do. In 1920’s years when it was first founded that the oil from this tree is very beneficial and have therapeutic characteristics. Since those years, the oil has been extracted and marketed not only in Australia but worldwide.

Now the number has increased to 4500ha of tea trees which are grown in Australia and produce 550 tons of tea tree oil per year. Steam distillation is done, and oil is extracted. International standard ISO has given the parameters of the oil.

It was first used in medication as it was good to cure cough. But from last many years, its use in cosmetics and beauty products are maturing. When the anti-inflammatory properties of this oil came in front, it was widely used in gels, medications, serums and what not. It is used to cure acne and applied on wound to kill the germs and prevent infection.

Tea Tree Oil Toner Properties

It is found to contain medically beneficial properties for the tropical problems of skin. As the percentage of people using, it for many purposes are increasing, the countries are making research on it to further know about the benefits and toxicity. Also want to know, how to turn off touch screen on Chromebook?

With greater demand and excessive use in products, the research in tea tree industry is also boosted. On the other hand, many unwanted reactions by the use of it has come to the stage. These reactions included severe allergy by using it raw on skin. It is than stated and advised that it must not used as it is and should be mixed with water or other oil to make it less intense.

The properties is important for are

  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti- bacterial
  • Cleaning all germs

People who are using this product are becoming more aware by the effects of it. With selective ingredients in the formulation of oils and gels, many products are coming into being. It is supported by international scientific research that tea tree oil can be a solution to treat and prevent skin issues to happen.

Tea Tree Oil toner for Skin and Hair

People are more become more prone to fragrances. In the same way they are developing more unlike sense to odor from body, we usually see people hiding to avoid body odor from others. Here is another magic benefit of tea tree oil

It killed the body odor and let you smell neutral. You can add a few drops of tea tree oil in your soap and take shower with it. You will kill the germs as well as body odor. Moreover, it also treats dandruff. Dandruff is an unknown fungus type material grows inside the hair and cause itching and irritation. This oil has been found a best and easy way to treat dandruff.

Unclogging the hair follicles has been not so easy before this oil. But since the properties has been found that this oil can take hair regrow, it is being used widely by people. Adding a few drops in your shampoo can do wonders for your hair growth.

No doubt in the benefits of this tree oil is making life easier and giving a cure to many things. But everything needs a check prior to making it a part of your life. Same goes with this oil too. A part of body must be tested with it and must be checked whether this oil gives any and effects. If it goes well, then it should be used in daily routine.

Lastly, use it as facial cleanser too. Its blend with aloe vera gels is a renown famous product in skin care family. Aloe vera facial cleanser has done wonders to the skin of girls and enjoys a great reputation of smoothing and glorifying the skin. In a few steps, skin becomes more charming.

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