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Care giver in Dubai: Importance and benefits

Care giver

Care giver in Dubai is a person who provides any type of physical and/or emotional care for a loved one who is ill or disabled in the home. Loved ones in need of care include those with physical or mental illness, disabilities, substance abuse, or other conditions. In most cases, the primary caregiver is a spouse, partner, parent, or adult child. The caregivers often take on the responsibilities of the patient, as well as providing services for themselves and other family members.

Care giver in Dubai

A caregiver helps meet the daily needs of another person. Caregivers are referred to as ‘formal’ or ‘informal’ caregivers. Formal ‘caregivers’ are paid for their services and trained to provide care. This can include services from home care agencies and other trained professionals.

An “informal” caregiver, also known as a family caregiver is someone who provides care for a family member or friend, usually without payment. Caregivers usually provide care in a family setting to an elderly parent, spouse, relative, or another non-relative, or to someone who is ill or disabled. These tasks may include transport, shopping, housework, and meal preparation. It can also include assistance with dressing, getting out of bed, and help with eating and incontinence.

Some of the important tasks and roles of Care givers in Dubai are.


Sometimes patients are unable to fully express their physical or emotional needs and often downplay their distress when talking to their doctor. The caregiver plays an important role in honest communication between the doctor and the patient, insisting on the patient’s preferences for treatment options when the patient is unable or unwilling to speak up for themselves.

Personal care.

Care giver in Dubai can help with daily activities such as dressing, bathing, toileting, or arranging child care.

Household chores.

Caregivers are usually responsible for preparing meals, doing housework or laundry, buying groceries, or paying bills.

Emotional support.

When faced with a serious diagnosis, patients are often overwhelmed by emotional and physical turmoil. An important role of the caregivers is to provide support and encouragement for the patient and themselves. Communication is key to the relationship between caregivers and patients. Both parties must share feelings openly and remain empathetic to the situation.

Medical care.

The caregivers must be present to take notes, ask questions and assist the loved one in making decisions with the care team. They may also be responsible for administering, ordering, and picking up medications, providing transportation to appointments, and handling scheduling, billing, or insurance issues. Caregivers may also assist with other medical procedures such as physical therapy, injections, feeding tubes, etc.

Care giver in Dubai assisting a loved one or client to maintain independence

As individuals age, physical changes associated with chronic illness and disease may occur. Family caregivers often provide discreet support to older relatives or clients while encouraging them to do what they can for themselves. It should be noted that everyone has the right to expect to do what they can to have more independence over a longer period.


Good care work is not just about providing a service to those in need; it is also about ensuring that your loved one or client has companionship and a friendly listening ear. Companionship is important because many elders are isolated and lonely. Social isolation is thought to be responsible for the rise in mortality among older people. Therefore, companionship and having someone to socialize with can have a positive impact on the health and well-being of elders. You should never underestimate the power of companionship as a way to reconnect with your elders.

Caregiving can improve the quality of life.

Another reason why caregivers are vital is that they are invaluable to the people they provide care for. Caregivers in Dubai can perform tasks that elders may no longer be able to physically perform. As a result, caregiving greatly enhances their quality of life.

Providing peace of mind.

If you are caring for an elderly loved one in the best possible way, you are also providing peace of mind to their family members and close friends. However, to achieve the best possible outcome. you must ensure that your client has access to a variety of support. This may mean accessing home-delivered meals, home help, or other community-based support services to complement the care provided.

Caregiving is one of the most rewarding professions and it is vital for elders who wish to age in place.

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