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Factors On Which Dental Implant Cost Depends

The pocket expenses of having dental implants can vary greatly. Many aspects have to be looked into while determining the cost of dental implants. Although dental implants are an expensive alternative to bridges and dentures, they are worth a one-time investment for anyone wanting a permanent replacement of a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth.

Here are some of the factors that can affect the cost of dental implants. Read on to know more about average cost of full mouth dental implants in Chicago:

1.  Dental Implant Materials

Usually, the dental implant has its roots made of titanium and the crown of ceramic or porcelain. But if the patient has an allergy to metals, zirconium is used to fabricate the implant post. The cost of these materials varies and based on the patient’s needs, their cost is added to the total price of dental implants.

2.  Number of Missing Teeth

The cost of having dental implants would definitely be more if there are multiple missing teeth than a single lost tooth as there would be a subsequent need of having multiple dental implants.

3.  Type of Dental Implant

Same-day dental implants like all-on-4 dental implants or 3-on-6 dental implants are more expensive than an implant-supported bridge or a single tooth implant. To know more about the cost of dental implant full mouth in detail, schedule a consultation with the dental implant experts at EON Clinics in Chicago.

4.  Additional Procedures

Some patients undergo tooth extractions and bone grafting prior to having dental implants. These add-on procedures costs are also included in the total dental implant cost which is more as compared to those patients who do not undergo these additional procedures.

5.  Oral health of the patient

Patients who have experienced intense trauma or earlier had gum disease, dental abscesses, jaw infections, or a root canal face more difficulty in receiving dental implants. If they still have dental implants, there is a greater chance of their failure. Therefore, dental implant replacement and the intricacy of the procedure can also contribute to the total cost of having another dental implant.

6.  The dental professional expertise

The cost of visiting different dental experts like an implant specialist or an oral surgeon varies. Certain dental professionals are more economical than others as they provide their patients with discounts and good payment plans.

7.  Custom-fabricated dental prostheses

The temporary and permanent replacement teeth are custom-designed in the dental laboratory using the latest technologies, all of which add to the price of having dental implants.

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