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Get Your Hands Dirty With the 9 Best Grip Exercises

Let’s make your forearms strong with the following nine extremely effective exercises.

3-Way Chin Up Hold Grip

Holds can be used to double-dip your training stimuli and increase grip strength. They also boost your ability to do chin-ups and pull-ups. Your core strength will be increased by the isometric component of each repetition. As your abs contract, your torso will stay locked and rigid.

Follow these instructions to do this grip strengthening hand exercise

Standing on a bench or plyo box, jump up to a chin-up position. For five to ten seconds, hold the bar at your chin and lower slowly until you have your arms bent at 90 degrees. Continue to hold the bar at your chin for five to ten seconds, then slowly lower your arms until you have almost straight arms. Relax and hold that position. This is one repetition.

Plate pinch

If you are a climber then you must have finger strength along with strong forearms. Professional climbers use only the tips of their fingers to support themselves. The plate pinch is a great exercise for learning how to crush things. It also helps you practice the pinch grip in field sports like wrestling.

Just pinch your plates in right way

Stand straight, Hold your plates in your hand. Stretch your fingers slightly and hold your thumb on other fingers.

. As if your thumb were touching the tip of the plate, press down on the plate. You can increase the difficulty level by increasing the thickness of pinching plates.

Fat Gripz

Fat gripzis one of the most cost-effective pieces of equipment for grip training. It can be used with any barbell, dumbbell, or pull-up bar. You can train your open grip unless you’re Andre the Giant.

They are recommended to be used regularly as this grip is easy to train and doesn’t require constant attention. Add them to your regular deadlifts once or twice per month. For heavy singles, you can do double overhand and alternate grip. They are also great for dumbbell rows and chin ups.

Hex Holds

Hex dumbbell holding is another way to improve your open grip. York sells the head of the hex dumbbells, which you can use to train your grip.

Simply hold the dumbbell’s head for 30 seconds. You will only need a couple of sets.

Towel Pull-Up

Pull-ups are an excellent grip-strengthener. You’re only supporting your body weight using your hands. If regular pull-ups seem too easy, you can make them more difficult by gripping a towel rather than a bar. This will improve your grip.

How to Pull-Up a Towel

Place two towels on top of pull-up bars and place them shoulder-width apart. Grab one towel with each hand, and hang it fully. Perform normal pull-ups from there. These are more difficult, so don’t expect to do as many pull-ups as you normally would.

Sand Hand Extensions

These are not grip exercises per se, but they can help prevent injuries and strengthen your grip.

You can extend your band by wrapping a band around each of your five fingers or a few at a time. Professional bands are available, but I suggest using the thickest band that you have on your crown of broccoli, rubber band or one of those rubber bracelets that people wear.

A bucket of sand is another great tool for hand extension. You can simply insert your fingers in Karate Kid fashion and then open your hand against the pressure of sand.

Farmer’s Supply

The farmer’s carry can be used as a simple and effective grip-builder.  Hold some heavy object then walk for at least 5 meters with the weight. The farmer’s carry and variations thereof strengthen your grip and mental toughness.

Follow these steps to perform Farmer’s Carry

Collect a pair of dumbbells. Have your spine entirely straight, push your shoulder back, keep your chest elevated. In this posture you need to walk very slowly. In a straight line.

Rack Pull

You can use more weight for rack draws if your grip strength is high and you want to increase your lockout strength to standard deadlifts. To customize your rack pull, you can use a variety grips and stance widths.

You can use the pins on a squat rack or deadlift blocks to load a heavy-loaded barbell. Your standard deadlift set-up is the same, but with your chest up and your upper back engaged. To get to a standing position, lift the bar off of the pins. For extra credit grip work, squeeze your glutes.

Reverse Curl

The reverse curl is similar to the bicep curl. However, your wrists are facing down. Because of the increased load on your wrists, it will be more difficult to lift heavier weights while doing this exercise. Grip Strength is a combination of the wrists and forearms. The reverse curl works especially well with both.

Hold your dumbbell, it should be lighter in weight compared to dumbbell curls.

Use your biceps to lift the weight towards your shoulders. Leave the posture before elbows get locked. Return your arms to the original position.

Apart from these 9-effective solutions, you can advance your holding capacity with Best hand grip strengthener available online and offline.

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