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Isadiet plus a friend for your Stomach

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Did you know that a survey found that 36% of children ate fast or junk food on a daily basis? Although you can’t find this an extraordinary number, the percentage of this graph rapidly goes onwards on the bad health scale. Fast or junk food are the items which have a lot of calories but zero nutritious value.

These  food items are very eye-catching or tempting to us but making distance from them is always a good move to you and your health.

Junk food consumption and its consequences has become a major health concern globally and this problem and its side effects are also increasing in a huge amount which is obviously a matter of concern.

What do these eating habits do to our body?

In our busy lifestyle we don’t have time to eat healthy or nutritious food. We have to finish our daily life tasks in the given period of time and that tends to put pressure on our brain. We people take our work too seriously that we compromise our health instead of giving time to our health and in order to do that we disorganise our eating habits, we eat anything which attracts us without knowing their side effects on the health, its nutritious value or its effects on our stomach.

The food and our health

It is said that “what we eat, our body and mind also work like that.” If we eat healthy and nutritious food our body and mind works healthy but if we eat low, non-nutritious and unhealthy food it does not add any value to our health besides it makes our stomach malignant.

Stomach-related problems can occur at any age, such as constipation, diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, gastric disorder piles and other digestive problems

constipation is neither a matter of laughter nor it is a severe disease but it leads to numerous diseases. Facing difficulty in emptying the bowel & passing the stool out of the body creates a mental stress & adversely affects your performance at work.

constipation is defined as ‘a condition of the bowels in which the faeces are dry and hard and evacuation is difficult and infrequent. In practice, constipation is defined differently by different people. compromising many things including favourite food isn’t the right approach to cure constipation.

What is Lida diet plus

Isadiet plus is a food-based supplement that has many benefits for your health. It helps to prevent constipation, gastric disorder, diarrhea, improper bowel activities, pain and inflammation in stomach areas etc. Isadiet plus contains some natural herbs like ispaghula husk,

sarjikakshara and nimbu satva which helps and make relief to all your stomach and gastric problems.

Isadiet powder is also available online, it is sugar free which means diabetic patients can also use it without any fear. It is a natural food supplement that means it has no side effects.

There are so many factors which affect our health,

especially our stomach such as:

Digestion Disorders

We feel comfortable when our stomach is satisfied, which means if our belly is healthy our frame also receives health. One of the most not unusual troubles we are facing in our day by day habit is digestion disorders like constipation, diarrhoea, piles, irritable bowel syndrome however we don’t discuss brazenly as it is a reply of laughter for most of the people.

However, contrary to our attitude, gastric issues contribute to greater than one hundred illnesses inside the human frame from complications to cancer. Lack of understanding will increase the severity of these problems & eventually, people are captured with chronic illnesses.

What are the motives behind digestion problems? 

In the modern-day era there are numerous factors in the back of our belly associated with problems. There isn’t any unique way from which  we will inform that this is the purpose in the back of your digestion ailment but there are so many motives from which you could tell you have got suffered with stomach problem including:

  • when you drink water right away after taking your meals then it causes a lot of belly issues like indigestion, constipation and bloating.
  • While you take a seat at one place for a completely lengthy period of time, it is also a purpose in the back of  your stomach issues.
  • The primary purpose behind your belly problems is whilst you drink very little water in the course of the entire day.
  •  Not washing your fingers earlier than eating a meal is also a purpose to your belly associated with problems.

What is the solution for these problems?

Though some gastric sickness remedy is available within the shape of home remedies when the hassle is continual it desires attention & an authentic remedy.

Isadiet plus powder 

isadiet plus is a food supplement for diarrhea treatment, constipation remedy, piles treatment, gastric disease remedy. Ispaghula husk present in isadiet plus is the quality shape of fiber that regulates water absorption inside the gut: small intestine & big intestine thereby permitting the stool to bypass without difficulty. Isadiet plus is prepared with lactitol monohydrate with ispaghula husk granules.

Isadiet powder composition:

 – ispaghula husk: contains dietary fiber, which when combined with water forms a gel-like mass that works as a moderate laxative and is used to deal with constipation. It improves the digestive gadget and makes the stools softer by using growing their water content

– sarjikakshara: useful inside the treatment of intestinal fuel, heartburn and different digestion associated complications

– nimbu satva: balances acid & base

Side effects:

There are no aspect results of isadiet plus if taken as according to the path written on p. C. Or as consistent with the physician’s prescription.

Price of isadiet plus:

1 bottle of isadiet plus weighs ninety gram well worth rs. 238 best.


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