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Wooden Wall Arts: The Irreplaceable Décor Elements

The love for wooden wall arts is not a fad. It keeps on passing for years. Although usage of wood in the past was limited, in the present day we have unlimited options. It is used both in urban and rustic settings to embellish spaces. The natural look of the wood makes the interiors ravishing. Also, it enables effortless contrast, regardless of the theme. Besides the striking looks wooden wall arts offer, they bestow several other paybacks too:

Durability is unmatchable- 

Wall arts made of oak, timber, andwalnut are most rigorous. It is difficult to destroy wooden wall arts. Their beauty remains the same for years to come. To add, they are a rational investment in interiors. The finish, style, and modishness they carry are unbeatable in every aspect.  

Versatility has no Boundaries- 

Wooden wall arts are highly flexible. It only needs an artistic mind to create wonderful art. A variety of arts are progressing on the market shelves every day. And, wooden wall clocks are one such exemplary instance of the stylish stuff. Timeless, chic, and highly adaptable, they reflect personality. An intricately developed piece has all the capabilities of shaping the interiors.

 Highly Sustainable- 

Our materialistic lust has undoubtedly deteriorated the environment. Unlike others, wooden wall arts are recyclable, reusable, and renewable. They are devoid of any further environmental aftermaths. Aesthetically pleasing, they impose fewer burdens on our mother earth. So if you are an environment conservationist, wooden wall arts are ideal.

Intricately Crafted- 

The wood art pieces are well-crafted. Every art is designed with intense details. Their longevity enables them to pass on generations. MDF, plywood, or birch wood, every material has its significance. Also, it is a perfect choice if you want to upgrade your interiors.

Types of Wooden Wall Arts

The necessity of these art pieces allowed development to bloom further. There are infinite products like wooden coasters, wall hangings, and wall clocks. Despite being popular, majority of them are cost-efficient. However, the variety in abundance often baffles people. Also, it becomes difficult to select particular pieces for the space. Let us have a look over the diverse types of wooden wall arts in categories:                 

Wooden Backlit Wall Arts- 

Persistent expansion of art pieces is not astonishing. The growing number of e-commerce companies offers multiple options. Wooden backlit wall art is one of the most beautiful creations. A stunning wood laser cut with light in the background offers a unique look. Ideal for living room, their beauty is admirable. Also, the technology used in lighting is efficient. Consuming meagre energy, they enlighten our surroundings. The décor republic has some of the most dazzling pieces. Check out a few to get a clear insight:

Illuminated Mosque Backlit Wall Art- 

This exquisite laser-cut mosque art is perfect for meditation or the living room. Irrespective of the religion, it can be adorned freely. The pattern of this piece makes it stand out among all. Moreover, the natural wood colour offers effortless contrast in boundaries.

Layered Mountain Wood Art With Night Light- 

This walnut finish wall décor looks absorbing. The sophistication of natural landscape bestows an experience of nature. Also, its large size is capable enough to cover the bare walls effortlessly. The night light offers a shiny finish and a different look. Decked up in natural wood, its shine stays intact for years.

Wooden Wall Clocks- 

Wall clocks are an indispensable part of our life. Despite being accessible in several materials, wall clocks in wooden are more accepted. Easy to maintain and affordable, they offer timeless eloquence. In addition, they are sturdy and are usually built to last. Check out some of the most beautiful wooden wall art pieces:

Wall Clock Design in Beautiful Mandala Art- 

The beauty of Mandala art is unparalleled. It reflects peace and serenity in the surroundings. This wall clock made of MDF wood in Mandala art serves a dual purpose. Besides the basic functionality, the traditional art looks enthralling. To add, the turquoise and beige colour add eternal grace too.

Color Palette Wall Clock- 

The best quality of wooden wall arts is that they offer minimalism. This wall clock is a combination of striking neutral colours. Adorned on light-coloured walls, it displays poise. Also, it is handcrafted using high-quality MDF wood.

 Wooden Wall Hangings- 

It was a daunting task to find wooden wall arts in the past. However, today, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Lively and beautiful, they add life to the home. Their beauty is inevitable and lasting.

  • Welcome in a ship Wheel Design Wooden Wall Hanging- Ideal for a special welcome, this wooden wall hanging looks impressive. The 7 mm thick MDF wood makes this piece robust and eye-catching.


Every wooden wall art on the Décor Republic is crafted carefully. While emphasizing simplicity, they display statement quotient.   

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