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Are Video Ads Effective For PPC Marketing? Get The 4 Benefits !

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Of course, video ads are effective when you are talking about pay per click advertising. Be it your Google ads or Facebook ads, if you incorporate video ads into your ad campaign, it will turn it productive and profitable at the same time.

Despite knowing the importance of video ads, many marketers or advertisers hesitate to include video format in an ad campaign. However, those who succeed in reaching out to the PPC management company in Delhi or nearby regions, never skip this choice.

Here in this article, we will put emphasis on video advertising and how it benefits a business. Let us find them below.

4 Benefits of using video ads for PPC marketing

1 ) Video ads build more engagement: Video ads are highly responsible for building more engagement. To prove this, the recent stats and facts are already there. 92% of B2B prospective buyers spend time watching videos. To be more specific, 2 billion people watch videos on YouTube every day. Even one-third of online shoppers prefer marketing online after watching videos.

The figures are enough to describe the engagement rate generated using video ads. If you browse the social media networking platforms, you will find people are more involved in sharing videos on the newsfeed and other external platforms.

2) Search engine loves video ads: Another strong reason to include video ads in PPC campaigns is the love offered by search engines. The latest digital marketing algorithm on Google states that the more video ads are used in a campaign, the higher is the search engine ranking.

In other words, video content improves the ranking of the site on search engine results. It improves the site visibility, builds engagement, attracts more traffic, and eventually works on the SERPs. Hence, the inclusion of videos on blogs, websites, social pages, and other third-party websites is a great thought.

3) Video ads are good for sharing information: Video advertising is a great method to drive in the right audience. But besides this, it is even a wonderful concept of sharing relevant and accurate information with the audience.

No matter how complicated the matter is, you can put the matter into video format and tell your story in a personalized way. This brings more new prospects or leads to the doorstep, excite them, stimulate them to turn up as valuable customers.

4) Video ads drive mobile users: Nowadays, a good percentage of traffic is generated through mobile devices. This is because a majority of people prefer to use smartphones and other mobile devices to search for any query online and view the results. Hence, optimizing the mobile experience is also very essential.

5) Putting video ads in a PPC campaign improve mobile user engagement a lot. Most of the people watch videos on their mobiles. Even if they are sharing videos on different channels, they prefer to use the same device for their convenience. Statistics show 88% of short videos around 30 seconds are watched via mobile. Therefore, encouraging more video ads for PPC campaigns is the best concept.

Key takeaway

A statistic on video marketing has shown that by 2022, videos uploaded on the internet per second will cross the 1 million mark and it will be considered as the most effective way of marketing any products or services or spreading brand awareness across the web. Quite obvious. Because an individual takes a maximum of 8 seconds to make any purchasing decision after watching a video. This proves how strongly it influences the market.

Before you start creating your own business video, find a digital marketing service provider and learn about the new video marketing trends and techniques. Advanced tools are there that allow users to develop engaging videos as per the client’s needs.

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