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The Importance of Block chain Technology in Enterprise IoT Adoption

For decades now, several innovative technologies have developed as a potential solution for combining services together to ensure efficient business operations. These technologies have been enhanced by the modern development in domains across IT and have helped several companies to stay ahead of the competition.

These and several other benefits have helped in the increased adoption of technologies by a growing number of enterprises around the world.

Blockchain and IoT are similar technologies that have gained widespread recognition, especially over the last decade. Both these technologies have huge potential individually in their own domains but combined, they can transform thriving enterprises into successful ones.

With the implementation of blockchain, multiple smart IoT devices can be seamlessly integrated into a single network, with more data transfer and less interruption.

Blockchain integrated with IoT will be able to provide stable tracking, traceability and shared point-to-point transactions for thousands of devices across a network.

Especially with the progressions in 5G, there will be more widespread adoption of this innovative technology. As it can ensure the integrity, comprehensiveness, and speed of traceable data transmission across any number of networks.

What is Block chain Technology?

Blockchain technology facilitates the conception of a distributed environment, where the cryptographically authenticated events and data are not controlled by any third-party organization.

Any transfer between devices or applications ever performed is registered in a permanent record with verification, security and transparency.

The theory of blockchains is now gaining significant importance and practical interest all around the globe, with the sudden emergence of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoins.

Block Chain Technology
What Is Block Chain Technology

To ensure safe transfer of bitcoins, Blockchains implement data uprightness across a huge number of transactional segments by providing all devices in the network with practical proof of decentralized trust.

A blockchain can also be regarded as a cryptographically linked list of sections produced by connections, where each block has a header, the related transaction data to be protected, and an ancillary security metadata.

Because blockchains are immune to alteration of data, they are regarded as a tamper-resistant reliable decentralized digital record for commercial or relevant transactions associated with virtually anything. And that’s exactly what makes your bitcoins safe! 

A blockchain also can sustain a broad spectrum of responsibilities, including allowing parties to draw up trustworthy contracts, collecting confidential information, and transferring money safely.

Block chain Characteristics

Blockchain has the following key characteristics.


In traditional centralized business operations, each business needs to be approved through the fundamental trusted company (e.g. the central bank), necessarily resulting in the expense and the efficiency of bottle-necks at the central servers.

In opposition to the centralized model, a third party is not required in the blockchain. Agreement algorithms in blockchain are utilized to maintain data compatibility in a distributed network.


Transactions can be approved instantly and unreasonable transactions will not be accepted by equitable miners.

It is almost difficult to eliminate or rollback transactions once they are involved in the blockchain. Blocks that include illogical transactions could be identified immediately.

Block chain Characteristics


Each user can associate with the blockchain with a formed address, which does not exhibit the authentic integrity of the user.

Though blockchain cannot ensure complete privacy protection due to the fundamental restriction, it is still capable of ensuring long-term protection.


Bitcoin blockchain collects data about user balances based on the Unspent Transaction Output (UTX-O) paradigm: Each transaction has to connect to any previous unspent transactions.

Once the current transaction is registered into the blockchain, the chances of those mentioned unspent transactions change from unspent to spent.

How Blockchain Enhances IoT Adoption

The Blockchain-IoT combination strategy has a lot of exceptional possibilities. It unlocks unique opportunities for both the technologies combined together.

Few of the benefits are mentioned below:

1. Building the Trust between parties: The Blockchain-IoT strategy will develop confidence between the multiple associated devices because of its security characteristics. Only authenticated IoT devices can interact in the system and every section of the business will be first verified by the miners then they can enrol in the blockchain.

2. Reduce the Cost: This strategy will decrease the expense because it interacts undeviating without the third party. It excludes all the third-party connections between the sender and the receiver. It implements uninterrupted communication. 

3.Reduce Time: The Blockchain-IoT combination overcomes the time needed in transactions from multiple days to just a second.

Benefits Of Block Chain

4: Security and Privacy: It implements safety and privacy to all the IoT devices that are connected to the network and ensures privacy in the information.

5. Social Services: The Blockchain-IoT combination presents public and social services in between all the connected devices. Every connected device on the network can interact and transfer information efficiently between them.

6. Financial Services: This strategy securely moves funds without the third party. It presents quick, protected and individual financial service. It overcomes transferral expense and time.


The blockchain and IoT collectively operate in the framework of IoT and Cloud integration. In the coming years, blockchain technology would transform IoT communication and device interconnection with the integration of more innovative services.

Blockchain being a secured technology can be utilized publicly and across any number of devices. In the post COVID scenario, IoT services will significantly benefit from this kind of technology to ensure reliable communication not only with enterprises but society as well.

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