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How to convert QuickBooks desktop to Online

In today’s scenario, switch has become essential in every field so is required to switch or convert your
QuickBooks desktop to online. Now you don’t need to just sit at your office for using QuickBooks
desktop but you can access its software anywhere from the world by converting it to online.

If you are thinking of your old data then you don’t need to worry about it as online QuickBooks desktop will
restore all your back up and no data will be lost. The process of converting QuickBooks desktop has
made so easy with the simple steps as recommended in this article. However you can take QuickBooks
support for free in case you stuck anywhere.

This article will help you convert QuickBooks desktop Pro and premier version to online QuickBooks
version excluding self employed. Many business owners are getting benefit of converting QuickBooks
desktop to QuickBooks online. However, QuickBooks desktop is considered to be more advantageous

than QuickBooks online. It is because some of the features of QuickBooks Online are named differently
and did not work exactly the same as in QuickBooks desktop. As per the rating of various business
owners, QuickBooks online is considered to be a best accounting software for small scale businesses.
Here are some easy steps for converting QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks online.

1.Set the requirements of file size

Total target count is to be determined by opening QuickBooks desktop file and pressing F2.
Targets are to be reduced by condensing the file size and resetting it if your file is having more
than 350000 targets. A list of companies file is to be transferred instead of converting the file in
case file size so condensed is not reduced as per the requirement.

2. Back up your Data for Export to QuickBook Online

Whenever you are going to opt for converting QuickBook desktop version to QuickBooks online
it is being advised to update all your company’s file and data so as to avoid any trouble later
during the process of conversion. You need to take back up of all your company files so as to
ensure safely restored in case it’s lost while converting company file to online. You can follow
below mentioned simple steps:
● First navigate on to File.
● Press Backup Company
● Create Local Backup is to be selected.

3. Sign up QuickBook online Account

In order to initiate the conversion process, you need to select that version of QuickBooks online
which you prefer the most. For this QuickBooks online can be visited and preferred version of
QuickBooks can be subscribed. Once you subscribe to QuickBooks online, basic information of
company’s profile is to be mentioned in order to sign up QuickBooks online account.

4. Sign Out from QuickBook Online Account

After signing up, you will be directly taken to company’s dashboard. Here you need to click on
Sign Out that you may find on upper right corner of the screen.

5. Export of Company file to QuickBook Online

In order to export file of the company to QuickBooks online you need to first update the
QuickBooks desktop. QuickBooks desktop update is to be downloaded to see the Export
Company file in QuickBooks Online. Once the updating process gets completed, you need to
select Company which appears on top menu bar thereafter export company file is to be

6. QuickBook online account using desktop program is to be Login.

Once you select the company file for exporting to QuickBooks Online, you will asked to login
again using email id and password from QuickBooks Desktop program to ensure the safe login
and to verify your company details.

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7. Continue with importing inventory to QuickBook Online.

In QuickBooks desktop, cost of inventory is calculated using average cost method. Whereas
QuickBooks online uses FIFO (first in first out) method of calculating inventory cost. Now you
will be asked whether you want to continue with importing inventory to QuickBooks online, if
yes, you need to select Yes and if it is no and you want to download the company file from Excel
spreadsheet sheet later then you can continue be clicking on the option No.

8. Selection of Company

In case you have more than one company then you will be asked to select the company from the
existing ones for which you need to import the data. You need to be very careful while selecting
the company for conversion of data from desktop to online as the conversion process will shift
the data from selected company to online.

9. Data File is to be copied

Once you select the company, your data conversion will get processed in few minutes and is
ready to view on your QuickBooks Online Account. Your screen will appear with the message as
“Congratulations, your data is available in QuickBooks Online”. Thereafter you will be asked to
complete your set up by login in to QuickBooks Online account to review your data.
We hope you find above steps of converting QuickBooks Desktop to online helpful. However for any
query, please feel free to contact us.

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