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Free Ping Submission Sites of 2020 – 2021

What is Ping submission in SEO?

Well, ping submission is a successful off-page search engine optimization strategy for obtaining your website indexed quickly and effectively. It is among the best ways for obtaining your link, webpage, blog post, or any other content into the search engines quickly.

Here are Top Free Ping Submission Sites of 2020 – 2021

1 – 2021
2 – 2021
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4 – 2021
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8 – 2021
9 – 2021
10 – 2021
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Free Ping Submission Sites
16 – 2021
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25 – 2021
Free Ping Submission Sites

A typical SEO technique is to build up inbound links from relevant sites, which increases the authority of your website. However, when it comes to search engine crawlability, Googlebot and other robots still consider your website as an internal page within your network, and not an external page. This is the reason why you have to use some off-page methods in addition to or instead of relying on off-page methods to gain high PR with search engines.

By means of this off-page method,

you can submit your website URL to various ping sites without having to pay any fees for submission. These submission services will act as intermediaries who will submit your website URL for you free of charge. Moreover, you will never have to worry about Google indexing and ranking you in search engines. As long as your URL is submitted in accordance with the rules and regulations of major search engines, your page will always be indexed even if Google itself is not indexing it.

Free ping submission sites

There are free ping submission sites available on the internet. These free sites give webmasters an opportunity to submit their URLs for free. However, the submission hosted by these free sites is of low quality. Most of these sites will not give full access to anchor texts and other relevant information about your web pages. Consequently, they are just good for giving information to other search engines which is basically the main aim of free ping submission services.

Paid-premium ping submission sites

On the other hand, paid-premium or commercialized backlink services will give you higher rankings and better exposure on the Internet. Backlinks will be created and managed by an expert team and will be regularly monitored and updated in order to ensure that they do not lose their effectiveness.

Moreover, a lot of factors will be taken into account such as anchor texts, domain names owned by the other party. In case a third party gains ownership of your domains or URL, it would make it difficult to create and manage backlinks.

The process of how is ping submission

is actually quite easy. Basically, when you sign up with a backlink service provider, you will be required to create an account with them. You will then be able to access the dashboard of your account where you will be required to create a unique URL that will be used in generating backlinks from other websites.

If you are new to the concept of pinging and want to learn more about how to go about it online, you can read various tips and tutorials available on the Internet.

A free ping submission task is one of the best methods of gaining exposure on popular social networking sites like Facebook.

In addition, creating backlinks to your website will also help you improve your online reputation. This is another reason why many companies are using this method as a part of their marketing strategy.

Today, many search engines

are known to use a complex set of algorithms and a long list of criteria in indexing the websites on the Internet. In spite of this, the popularity and page ranking of websites is dependent on the relevance of the content present on the site.

It is because of this reason that companies who have created backlink databases are using certain techniques such as using the ping submission task in order to obtain fast indexing of their websites.

In addition to this, if a company wants to create more pages for its website, it needs to build and launch these new pages using pinging techniques.

The search engines today rate the relevance of various factors such as content, links, and incoming links, and therefore, fast indexing is one of the main requirements for a website to be listed on the top spot of a search result.

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