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Top High PR Video submission sites List of 2021

What is video submission or sharing in Seo?

What is video submission in SEO is a question I am frequently asked by friends, associates, and clients who are new to SEO. I was asked the same thing a few months ago when one of my clients sent me an email asking about submitting a video to YouTube.

Video Submission is an off-page technique where can create backlinks after submitting videos on video submission sites. The process helps your website to gain popularity on the search engine google so you can rank your keywords easily after creating backlinks on those sites.

Suppose if you have a video on youtube you can share those videos to other video submission sites. After submitting those sites you will get a video link and then you can share it on social media sites that are called video sharing.

So here is the

Top Free Video Submission Sites List of 2021

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How does Video Submission work & Why are they are important?

The majority of video directories on the web are owned by large corporations with large budgets. Because these video directory sites have capital budgets, they typically have more advanced video editing tools and capabilities than smaller video submission companies.

For example, most video directories require users to sign up and pay a fee to join. As video directory owners are well aware, there is absolutely no free video submission software available for submitting to their websites.

In fact, video submissions are usually handled by paid staff who manually submit videos to hundreds or thousands of video directories daily.

A few of the largest and most popular video submission companies include Vimeo, Google Video, Yahoo Videos, MetaCafe, and Dailymotion.

I was unable to find information on why Google Video requires an account to submit videos.

From what I have been told, if you don’t have a Google account you will not be able to upload videos to their video directory.

This seems like a very counterproductive piece of information for someone trying to promote their website using video as a means of promotion.

The next largest video submission company is Yahoo Video. Yahoo has been increasing its video indexing rate but still lags behind other major video directories.

I was able to find information indicating that the reason Yahoo is now starting to catch up is that they are focusing their attention on high-quality video content through the acquisition of iamb YouTube.

If they continue this trend, they will soon become as well known as Google when it comes to video content.

Both Google Video and Yahoo Video are free to submit to their directories.

The only drawback I can see in video submission using these directories is that it is difficult to obtain a high ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Because the competition within the video directory market is extremely fierce, video marketers often need to employ tactics such as article writing, blog posting, and press releases in order to gain a higher rank in the search engine results pages.

Because there are so many video directories and websites on the internet, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain high page ranks.

Tips For video marketer

There are some tips that can help video marketers get more exposure and a better page rank in the search engine results pages.

Video SEO experts suggest that video marketers should create one or two high-quality videos per week with approximately five minutes of video.

In addition to submitting videos to video directories, video marketers should participate in video communities and social media sites.

Video sharing sites such as YouTube and Dailymotion are ideal for video submission, although they do have some restrictions on the amount of keyword-heavy tags that can be used in the video file.

Video submission specialists claim that the most important thing to remember when using video directories to promote products or services is to make sure the video is keyword targeted.

They also advise internet marketers to use keyword-rich titles to maximize the visibility of their videos on search engines.

The other most important thing to note is that keyword-targeted video directories offer a higher relevancy score and a lower bounce rate.

A good domain name and web address will go a long way in assisting a video to get maximum exposure.

In summary, video submission can greatly benefit from using video submission services to assist them with getting maximum exposure for their website or video blog.

While video directories may not seem like a very profitable form of SEO, in my own opinion they provide a very valuable service to the video market.

The major negative points I have seen associated with video directory submission are generally related to the quality of the video and the amount of keyword-rich video in the directory, but overall I have found the service to be quite useful.

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