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Interview with former Indian cricketer and IPL player Naman Ojha

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Naman Ojha

Interview with former Indian cricketer and IPL player Naman Ojha

Naman Vinaykumar Ojha (born 20 July 1983) is an Indian former cricketer. He represented India in International cricket. He made his Test debut for India against Sri Lanka on 28 August 2015. He represented Rajasthan Royals in the 2009 Indian Premier League in South Africa. – Source: Wikipedia

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Interview with former Indian cricketer Video Discussions Points

Video discussion with Naman Ojha

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Former Indian cricketer Naman Ojha has announced his retirement from all forms of professional cricket in 2021, setting down a good goodbye to the game.

International Career

The 35-year old was picked up by New Zealand following his Test appearances where he scored two century and two half-century runs in four matches. But the best part of Naman Ojha’s career in pink and white was his two centuries against Sri Lanka in the Indian Premier League.


Ojha had been part of a side that came very close to winning the IPL tournament but ultimately ended up finishing third.

It is fitting that after such a big career in day cricket, After scoring so many centuries in Tests, he is set to notch up thousands in limited-overs for his country as well.

Naman Ojha is the wicketkeeper-batsman for Indian cricket and has been the top scorer in the test league as well.

Naman Ojha was always an aggressive player. And that has been his hallmark ever since he began playing the game. But it is also fair to say that he could never amount to much on the field until he joined the retirement party.

A lot of fans are happy about the news and have called for a celebration for Naman Ojha. In fact, celebrations are already underway in some parts of India where his name is noted.

It is understood that the Indian cricket world cup is a very prestigious tournament. The Cricket world cup is held once every four years and features the best players from around the world in it. Punjabi Whatsapp Status Download.

The Cricket world cup is also the season for many other internationally popular tournaments. In fact, all leading teams want to be part of the tournament. In this tournament, Naman Ojha along with three other renowned players have an opportunity of winning a world trophy.

Fans had been anticipating the arrival of Naman Ojha for the last few years. They had even voted him as the player of the year earlier. With the news breaking about his retirement, they had been waiting for this to happen for a long time. Well, now all of their waits have come true.

Naman Ojha joins hands with four other legends of the Indian cricket world cup team in a grand celebration. After he has played his last match, he will be leading the whole team by example. fans had been expecting this situation ever since he announced his retirement.

It is a true feeling to know that after playing such a vital part in the field of the cricket world cup, Naman Ojha is leaving the field.

The Cricket world cup has been such an amazing and unforgettable experience for fans all over the world. They are all waiting for the next tournament to be played.

They had given up hope after hearing news about the retirements of several players in recent times. But now things have turned for the better. Twenty20 International has also been a great tournament for fans and viewers.

Well, with the IPL tournament going on, there will be no dearth of cricket world cup tickets in the coming days. Make sure you don’t miss the chance.

India has a great tradition of producing great cricketers and it will be a great thing if they can produce one more player who can carry the flag of their country in this tournament.

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