Reliance Jio Launched 5G Affordable Phone In India

Reliance Jio 5G phones are evolving everywhere. Whereas earlier it was only limited to high-end phones, we have seen several 5G mid-range smartphones in India this year due to the expected advent of 5G.

Smartphones manufacturer are all set to take this advantage in their bag. 

With the Reliance AGM date has been official, there are few hardware products are expected from reliance along with rumored 5G.

One of the expected hardware from Reliance JIO is its 5G smartphone.

Since last year when Google confirmed that it has been working with reliance, the speculation regarding the new hardware has been amplified in the market. The expected date of launch of Reliance Jio 5G Phone is 24th June.

Reliance Jio 5G phone

This partnership has come about last year during AGM, where Google invested 4.5 billion in JIO. 

There is also news that Google is creating a 5G Android version focusing especially on JIO Phone. Which could be known as JioOS.

The 5G cell phone market has seen an unexpected flood in India. At first, 5G was restricted to very good quality cell phones, however that is not the case this year.

It’s just June, and we have seen a modest bunch of midranges 5G cell phones. It’s apparent that cell phone makers are quick to use this chance made by the normal presentation of 5G in India.

While 5G cell phones have bit by bit began turning out to be standard, there’s not a great deal that can be said about the appearance of 5G in India. That being said, Reliance AGM date is presently official, and tales propose that we may hear 5G and few equipment items.

Nothing is concrete now, but assuming that JIO would drop some hints before the 24 June launch of its Jio 5G Phone.

So before the launch here is everything you need to know about the expected 5G smartphones from Reliance Jio:

Reliance Jio Merged with Google
  • Jio launches its smartphone under LYF in 2018. Now it may introduce 5G phones under this banner.
  • The 5G JIO phone is expected to customized Android GO. Or we could expect a completely new version of android. 
  • But it would be an entry-level smartphone, with low RAM, much like Android GO.
  • The storage capacity is also expected to below as it is focused on entry-level smartphones.
  • As it’s another partnership with Google, I:e Qualcomm, the Qualcomm equipment could be expected to focus on 5G hardware comprising Qualcomm.
  • Along with Qualcomm JIO also made a partnership with Intel and Facebook.
  • When it comes to chipmakers, snapdragon 480 is among the cheapest processor for the 5G JIO smartphone.
  • There may be a new entry-level 5G SoC phone.

Now AGM is not too far and since the build up by Reliance JIO since last year with its partnership with Google, and Sundar Pichai hinting about a new phone in works, we could expect a new phone in near future comprising of 5G.

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We could expect an entry-level budget phone under 5000/ with 5G in partnership with Google. And possibly known as JioOS with Android Go.

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