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Best 8 Subtitle Generators – The Fastest Way to Subtitle Generators

Research shows that 80% of the audience on social platforms is consuming video content without sound. In fact, Facebook displays the videos in a mute mode as its default setting, and Instagram videos are autoplay with sound if the ringer option of the mobile phone is open. Also, the stats of the popular channels like Buzzfeed, Business Insider, Tasty, 5-Minute Crafts, etc., show that their audiences are watching their videos in a silent mode.

It is a good idea if you include subtitles in your video content. As the subtitles also clear the video’s message to non-native people and attract a large audience. Moreover, you can insert the subtitles for the audience to understand the conversation happening in sign language. But editing the videos and including the subtitle files with proper synchronization is a hectic and time taking process. So, it would be great if you take help from easy-to-use and effective subtitle tools and software to do the job.

This article includes some of the best subtitle generator software that you should consider for your videos:

⤷ Zubtitle

⤷ Rev

⤷ Happyscribe

⤷ MaestraSuite

⤷ SubtitleBee



⤷ YouTube Automatic Caption


Zubtitle is an AI-based tool that comes with a library, and you can access various options of subtitles. It helps you to adjust the font, color, and size of the subtitles. The best feature is selecting the subtitle in other languages like French, German, etc.


It allows you to include the logos and other features in your videos to make your product more professional. You are required to verify its AI-generated subtitles for perfection, and it allows you to export the subtitles files in .txt and .srt format. You can even resize the videos based on the social media platform.

Zubtitle allows you to edit one video free and then offers affordable deals based on a number of videos.


Rev is a reliable transcription and subtitle software that you can use to convert audio into text and create captions and subtitles for your videos. It comes with a voice recorder option, and it effectively displays the live captions in Zoom meetings.


You can seamlessly edit your subtitles and perform all the basic editing operations like split, merge, copy, or delete. It allows you to perform all the functions by using its drag and drop options.


Happyscribe is a transcription and subtitles that allow you to convert the audio files into text format and helps you to include the subtitles in your videos. It comes with various options of languages, and you can even get multiple versions of a single language.


You can collaborate with your team members and easily share the work with each other. It permits you to export the files in any format and even upload files of any size. Happyscribe is a secure platform, and you can seamlessly integrate with platforms like YouTube, etc.


MaestraSuite is a cloud-based software that you can use to automate your video subtitle and voiceover processes. It comes with the option of more than 50 languages and effectively converts audio into text format.


You can edit the captions and even proofread the subtitles to remove the errors. It stores your material and data in a secure database that you can access from any remote location.


If you are looking for integrated software, then SubtitleBee would be the best option as it effectively integrates with famous platforms like Facebook, YouTube, etc. It comes with a library of more than 120 languages that you can easily select and edit based on your requirements.


You can include the logo and watermarks at the right bottom corner for branding purposes. It allows you to conduct some editing on your videos and make them more appealing. You can use its auto subtitle generator option to automate your video processing process. is a complete video editing tool that allows you to include the subtitles after editing, and you can even add the transcribed audio to your videos. It comes with basic video editing features such as trim, brightness, exposure, contrast, and many others.

You can add the subtitles manually and also use its auto subtitle option. It includes the subtitle file with accurate synchronization.

If you are looking for a free subtitle or caption managing tool, then you should consider the auto-subtitle generator feature of It is an online tool that uses AI technology to generate the text files from the audio and properly synchronize them to your video. You are just required to provide the URL of your videos, hit generate, and it takes all the operations.

 YouTube Automatic Caption:

About 50% of the YouTube audience does not understand the English language, which is why you should include subtitles in your videos. This is the best tool for the YouTube content creator. You are required to simply upload videos on your YouTube channel and access the option of subtitle or CC from the drop-down menu. It offers you the option of different famous languages such as English, Russian, Korean, Italian, Dutch, Japanese, etc.

YouTube Automatic Caption:


Including the subtitles in your video content clears the message and effectively conveys the message beyond your native people. Above mentioned subtitle generator tools are simple and help you to automate the subtitle and caption process.

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