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Best CBSE Schools in Bangalore and Their Curriculum

Over the decades, CBSE institutions have been a popular choice among Indian parents since they are thought to give their pupils the best chance of academic success. Throughout its inception, CBSE has continually worked to improve and grow its techniques to make them more relevant for its students, despite the fast-changing world. The best schools in Bangalore provide a variety of board alternatives. There are, nevertheless, several reasonable grounds to take your children to nearby CBSE schools. 

CBSE is India’s most popular curriculum:

First and foremost, let us explain the CBSE board and the system of education it has established. This methodology is well-known in India and many other nations around the world. From the first through the twelfth grade, a framework was designed to equip students for upcoming competitive examinations. Therefore, this educational system gives equal weight to co-curricular programs and a child’s overall participation in regular school exercises. This board promotes innovative educational approaches in a student-centred environment. Over the last 50 years, this has been a consistent syllabus that Indians have adhered to. Nearby CBSE schools in Bangalore offer the CBSE program to make sure stability between the prevailing form of learning and the new emerging methodologies of the twenty-first century that involves providing a student with more healthy learning. Given that Bangalore sees an upsurge of over 25 ethnicities who come to Bangalore to earn good schooling, the CBSE program hits nearer to home while offering the student opportunities to discover more worldly ideas.

Here are some of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore:

1. Global Indian International School (GIIS), Bangalore:

Apart from the solid CBSE curriculum, GIIS is one of the best schools in Bangalore since it also offers campus area facilities, a diversified atmosphere, and a comprehensive education program that concentrates on all elements of a student’s growth. As a result, in addition to academic excellence, your child is honing key abilities such as communication, logical analysis, cooperation, and self-assurance. When deciding on the best school in Bangalore for your child, the Global Indian International School may be the greatest CBSE school to choose. 

2. New Horizon International School:

New Horizon International School is a secondary school that teaches students from all over the world.  New Horizon International School is the most recent effort under New Horizon Educational Institutions’ umbrella. NHIS was founded to provide education that meets or exceeds worldwide standards. It is dedicated to bringing out the innate genius in every kid and developing entrepreneurs, creators, and trendsetters. NHIS seeks to create knowledgeable persons via value-based learning, with the tagline “A Global Education Rooted in Indian Values.”

3. Jain International Residential School:

In the year 1999, Jain International School was founded. The institution is spread out across 300 acres and provides students with some of the best amenities available. From classes IV through XII, Jain International School implements the CBSE, IGCSE, and IB curriculum. The school is noted for its comprehensive approach and boasts world-class sports facilities and extracurriculars, rendering it to be one of Bangalore’s best CBSE institutions. The institution fosters an integrated and varied atmosphere in terms of educational performance.

4. Yelahanka’s Presidency School:

PSBN (Presidency School Bangalore North) is a prestigious CBSE school in Yelahanka, Bangalore North, dedicated to helping your kids achieve their full potential. As a result, we don’t only transfer knowledge; we also develop in your kid a natural curiosity and a desire to succeed. After all, a fulfilling life entails more than intellectual achievement.

5. New Horizon Gurukul:

New Horizon Gurukul is among Bangalore’s top institutes, dedicated to the comprehensive development of a student’s personality. Instilling core views alongside modern education is equally important at New Horizon Gurukul. Physical growth and excitement are emphasized through both outdoor and indoor activities. New Horizon Gurukul, situated in Marathalli and associated with the CBSE Board, is a big and well-equipped facility that creates a pleasantly invigorating and academically immersive experience.

6. JSS Public School, Banashankari:

In the year 1954, JSS Mahavidyapeetha was founded. Numerous famous educators have referred to the Jagadguru Sri Shivarathreeswara Mahavidyapeetha as being larger than a university since a kid can start their schooling in preschool and go on to get a degree or doctorate in a variety of fields. Likewise, the Mahavidyapeetha really hasn’t overlooked the need of strengthening the foundations of our historic expertise, philosophy, and tradition, as well as its implementation in modern life.

7. HAL Public School:

HAL Public School is a CBSE-accredited co-educational institution that implements the CBSE curriculum. The school is run by the School Management Board, which is an organization registered under the Karnataka Societies Act, 1960, with grades ranging from LKG to Std. XII. English is used as the teaching medium. HAL Public School is one of Bangalore’s most prestigious CBSE institutions.

8. BGS National Public School, Hulimavu:

BGSNPS was formed by Pontiff His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Balagangadaranatha Swamiji of Adhichunchanagiri Math, who has worked hard over the years to develop the foreign education system. Over 350 schools, comprising medical and engineering institutions, are run by the Sri Adichunchanagiri Education Trust. Sri Adhichunchanagiri Shoshana Trust, Bangalore, Karnataka, has a unit called BGS National Public School, which is connected with CBSE. It opened on June 22, 2006, and offers studies up to 12th grade.


Getting your child to the nearby CBSE schools in Bangalore might be a wise move. Selecting the correct institution for your kid can be difficult.

The best schools in Bangalore provide a dynamic educational experience that aims to improve physical abilities, creativeness, interpersonal skills, and extracurricular, which helps to alleviate your difficulty. Allow us to assist your youngster in taking their first steps and spreading their wings.

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