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12 Wonderful Rakhi Gifts For Your Married Sister

There is no comparison to the purity of love and affection that brothers and sisters share with each other. Brothers are always protective and loving towards their sisters and the marriage of their sisters does not lead to the weakening of this bond. So, if you too are a brother to a married woman, gift these items when you receive her send rakhi online.

It is true that after marriage priorities change but not the love that brother holds for you remain unadulterated. Show your married sister that you care for her.

Designer Saris

A beautiful designer saree can be an awesome gift for her if she is married. It can be one of the best choices for Rakhi gifts for a married sister. Especially if she is newly married and wearing a sari is a necessity for her. There are a number of options available both online and in the retail stores. Before you choose one for her, get to know her choice first.

Designer Saris

Jewelry of Her Choice

All women without exception love jewelry pieces. If your sister is married, she has to wear jewelry, especially on occasions. So, jewelry can prove to be a good and useful gift for her. You can choose some that can match her attire according to your budget. Besides that, get to know her choice. Choose the kind of jewelry that she can wear in marriage, birthday parties, “pooja” ceremonies, etc.


Spritual Gifts Are Uplifting

Spiritual rakhi gifts are a trend and if your sister is a spiritual person you can gift her things like a “Ganesha idol” or idol of God or Goddess of her choice. Better still, you can gift her an “idol couple” like “ Radha Krishna” to wish her all the best in her married life. These spiritual gifts are uplifting and utterly satisfying.

Crockery Set:

Once your sister is married she has a family to handle and a home to take care of. So, it is good to give a complete dinner set. It will prove to be an utterly useful item and this gift will be appreciated. A bone china dinner set that can improve the aesthetic of her kitchen also will be highly appreciated. You can buy beautiful dinnerware online and offline. You can get a good tea/coffee/juice set as well. This is one of the most suitable gifts for a lady that manages a home.

Crockery Set:

Clutches For Parties:

A silver clutch matching her dress can be a great thing for her. You can consider buying a beautiful handbag also but married women prefer clutches more. This will be a pleasant surprise for your sister who fails to find clutches matching her dresses. Get her a clutch that she can use for party occasions. This can be a real treat for her. Gift a beautiful clutch in the coming Raksha Bandhan when she sends rakhi online.

She Will Love Flower Bouquets:

Flowers are one such gift that is liked by all. Giving a flower bouquet as a gift to your married sister is a nice idea. Get to know her choices first and figure out your budget. You can also choose to pick up a bunch of flowers and make a beautiful bouquet out of it to win her heart.

Engraved Plaques:

An engraved plaque designed by your own hand to gift her can bring a lot of happiness and affection in a unique way. A beautifully designed plaque is a good idea to give her. Get a customized message written for her like: “You are very special to me”, “To the best sister on earth”, “For a person that I love the most”. This will please her for sure.

Makeup Kit:

Nothing can be a more fascinating Rakhi gift to a married sister than a make-up kit. Your newly married sister will find it very useful. Make sure that the kit includes everything she needs. Get to know which company’s product she is fond of. This will prove to be an item of great utility for her and she is sure to appreciate it.

Makeup Kit

Personalized Gifts:

A personalized gift is always desirable to show your real feelings. These gifts can never be a bad choice. So, you can go in for a cushion, for a coffee mug, for a clock or for a customized mobile cover. This can prove to be a wonderful gift and the best way to show your love and care. You can choose to either put a personalized message over these items or special pictures of your togetherness. Your sister matters to you a lot and you can show it to her by your gifts, especially the personalized ones.

A Set of Lipsticks:

Married women are very fond of putting on lipsticks. So, giving a set of lipsticks containing different shades will be a very good idea. This will surprise her for sure. Moreover, she can put a different color on a different color costume and can expect to look the best.

Plants That Bring Luck:

The gift of a lucky plant to your sister will ensure that she flourishes with prosperity and happiness. Moreover, if she loves gardening she will appreciate your gift. Every brother like you tries hard to make her sister happy and giving your married sister a gift of a lucky plant will ensure that her life remains fulfilled with joy and happiness.

Giving her a money plant or any other similar plant can be a good idea. Things like a lucky charm, laughing Buddha, the tortoise can be gifted to her to bless her with good luck.

Home Décor Items:

There are tons of home décor items that can be a great gift for her. She needs to manage and keep her home well-decorated. So, choose a home décor item as a gift for her. Beautiful wall hangings, home furnishing commodities, showpieces, hanging wall plaque signs can be given to her as a gift that can help her boost the beauty of her homes.

Mini cute little glass jelly gel candles for enhancing home décor can be a good idea as well.

Juicer or other Electronic Items:

Juicer is highly useful. If your married sister is a fitness freak, she will adore this gift. Housewives that love to keep themselves fit always love to have a juicer at their homes. Gifting a juicer is a wise idea. You can also gift her other electronic items like a toaster that can be used for preparing breakfast for the kids when she is really short of time.

It has been truly said that nothing can be compared with a bond of love between a brother and a sister. If you too want to send the best gift to your married sister, you can get some idea by the above-mentioned gifts and send them to her when she sends rakhi online to you.

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