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5 Services that need to be in your Digital Marketing Plan

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Whether you are a hair salon offering service to customers or a polymers producer selling your product to other businesses, you need to invest in digital marketing to increase your reach and gain customers. The scope of Digital Marketing has grown exponentially in the past few decades.

Now it plays an important part in any company’s growth. But most businesses just hire any digital marketing company and think their job is done. While having the support of the right company will reduce your workload, you need to put some work into finding the right marketing company that offers the right services first. 

Here are a few services that your company should look for when you finalise a digital marketing company – 


When you search for anything on a search engine, which page do you check? The first page of course. Nobody reaches the sixth page when all they want is on the first page itself. But to reach the coveted top spot in the top pages is not a child’s play.

It takes time, patience and expertise. Most digital marketing company focus heavily on SEO not only because it is difficult but also because it brings back the greatest results. Getting reach from SEO means getting attention from people who searched for your offerings on search engines and came across your website.

In which case, they have a greater chance to be interested in your product/service and buy it. This way, the reach you receive from SEO targets the right customer and helps you gain more followers. Make sure that the digital marketing company of your choice offers unbeatable SEO services


So after putting all the efforts, and trying different strategies, you need to know the result of each campaign in detail. This helps you and the marketeers learn about which strategies work for your brand and what to avoid in the future.

Your brand can have different lead generation campaigns going on in multiple places. When you don’t get the analytics report, it becomes difficult to understand which place the leads came from. But if your agency gives you a detailed analytics report you would know exactly the number of people who clicked on your link/website and reached there. This helps you understand which channel is the best for lead generation and needs to be invested in. 

Social Media 

Among the 4.66 bn active internet users, 4.20 bn are active on social media. So a great part of your digital marketing efforts should be inclined towards them. But reaching those billions of people from scratch is tough. That is where a good digital marketing strategy comes to play.

Marketing Companies have experience in building social media accounts by keeping the brand tone and the audience’s needs in mind. Not only do they have experience in increasing your following and generating more engagement on your posts, they also have expertise in generating leads and helping them convert into customers. A popular social media channel needs to reflect your brand at all turns.

When a team of experts handle your social media, you still get to approve all the content they post. So you still get a say, but you get the results too. 

Website Design 

In most cases, your lead generation campaigns lead the viewer to your website. Which is why your website needs to be in the perfect state to help your leads convert into customers. But if your website is not appealing or informative enough, the viewer will just go back.

So you need to get a website that has concise yet informative content and the best graphics so that your brand’s work and offering is communicated to the viewer clearly and compels them to do business with you. A good digital marketing company will not only help you create the best website, but also create the perfect strategy to maximise converting leads into customers.

Paid Advertisements and Pay Per Clicks 

While there are many organic ways in which your agency can help you get to the top of search engines and social media, they can take some time. If you want instant results or just want to speed up the process of reaching the top, you can invest money in paid advertising services.

These services are available on social media and search engines. Different social media platforms have different paid advertisement models. Using Analytics, your marketeers can figure out which social media platform is the best for your lead generation and invest in it for maximum benefit.

On search engines, the paid services work on a pay per click model. So you have to pay per each click that leads the customers to your website. But even in this model, there are many people who click without the intention of converting. So google ads specialist ensure that your keywords in the pay per click advertising model are directed towards potential customers.

Investing in a Digital Marketing Company is always a good decision. But you have to choose the right one to get the best results. Get the best digital marketing services in Delhi with Revivify and reach greater heights everyday. 

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