How Triple Filtered & Refined Henna Powder is Good for Hair Growth

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The word ‘henna’ is understood by people around the world in many different ways. A majority of individuals probably associate it with the dark-red/brown dye for hair and skin that’s traditionally utilized in many cultures, but the name also applies to the flowering plant from which the dye is derived.
Since ancient times, henna(mehndi) is widely used in India on auspicious occasions like weddings, festivals, and other ceremonies. Mehndi is considered a divine blessing, therefore both the bride and groom are being tattooed with mehndi on the wedding occasions. The benefits of henna aren’t restricted to only tattooing. It is also used in traditional medicines. Different parts of this plant are beneficial in treating ailments ranging from a headache to leprosy and other skin problems.

Triple filtered henna powder aids in making hair bouncy, glossy, and healthy when used regularly. Henna is known widely for repairing the damaged hair by acting as a natural conditioner. It helps each strand of hair build a protective layer around it to help in locking the essential nutrients that are needed. Triple refined henna powder also helps the hair from getting too frizzy and dry hence you must use henna for hair benefits.
Benefits of Heena Powder for hair
• Henna has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It often cools down the scalp and helps maintain scalp health.
• The natural properties of henna promote hair growth. The powder is often used to create an essential oil that nourishes and encourages growth.
• Henna adds shine and volume to your hair and also protects it from more damage by forming a protective shield over it, being a natural conditioner.
• Henna is often used to treat dandruff and scalp infections effectively.
• Heena repairs the damaged hair strands and restores the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp.
How to use
? In mixing bowl, use spoon to combine 100g herbal henna powder with Juice of one lemon.
? Add enough water to make the proper consistency.
? Apply directly to dried hair using a gloved hand or hair dye brush.
? Using gloved hand, scoop, and apply the paste on the back section. From the scalp and root of the hair, apply evenly to top of the hair.
? Massage well into hair.
? When done, cover the head with a plastic cap. Leave on for one to two hours.
? Rinse out completely (no shampoo) till all products removed.

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