The Top 8 Trends of Animated Videos for 2022

Animated Videos

The new year has just begun, and the graphic designing trends have already sparked innovation and power with the latest trends in every field. From targeting nostalgia and open-mindedness to excitement and movements, animated videos have taken a huge turn attracting a greater audience to kick-start a year of experiments and unique trends. The dynamic typography, complex hyper-realistic CGI to, old-school design, and animation are tapping into the classic video marketing techniques that will revolutionise the use of technology in captivating users’ attention worldwide.

Animation improves video quality in different formats everywhere, be it for social media, webinars, presentations, websites, etc. It has become a source of entertainment that grabs users’ attention with extensive knowledge, educating them about the products or services. Further, it has increased the interaction between the user and brand where the companies seamlessly communicate the brand’s message in an engaging video. These videos use graphic designs, be it 2d, 3d or motion graphics. According to recent research, the human attention span is approximately eight seconds. These are the most crucial seconds for any brand as they need to grab the users’ attention and keep them hooked to the video. Thus, videos are creatively made with many effects; they can keep the viewers entertained.

8 New Animated Videos Trends

3D Animation

3d animation is well-known to the world, where many cartoons and videos have been created to achieve realism with its effects. Developers here aim to use simple shapes and colours. Talking about the 2022 trend, 3D will focus more on round shapes and vivid colour contrasts. They look like clay objects that come to life, entertaining children thoroughly. Further, it is best for making videos or movies that keep the viewers hooked to the screens. It is time now that developers or companies bid farewell to the empty-looking 3D cartoons that gained popularity in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Hyper-realistic CGI

Hyperrealism is a term used in animation where developers blur the line between animation and reality to create something out of the world. Users find these types of animated videos in AAA video games that give it a more realistic look than the real life characters. It will mark its popularity by focusing on all the details, even the smallest pores on the character’s skin or the minute cracks on any armour. The impressive details captivate the user’s attention, making them fall in love with the artificial yet real-looking environment. Many award-winning videos have already placed Hyper-realistic CGI in the top trends, encouraging companies to market their products in new ways.

Psychedelic Animation

Since this year is all about nostalgia, the 1960s graphic design inspiration is here with distorted aesthetics that has grabbed the viewer’s attention at first glance. Many logo design companies to brands use this to add a prod of differentiation to the same old video production methods. These videos look trippier in motion, targeting the carefree spirit with striking visuals and intricate designs, making them gain all the limelight. However, the trend might not be appreciated as people are prone to something simple that pleases the eye. This trend might be too much for many of the viewers.


Another type of animation is experimental video animation. We know how animators used to combine two or more styles to create something new since the beginning of time. In today’s era, the line between the indie and mainstream has shrunk. It lets animators leverage creative, experimental designs or animated videos. Here the companies are free to create or distort and shape. They implement unique ideas while allowing their creative mind put everything in one video. Thus, grabbing the viewer’s attention in real-time.

Kinetic Typography

We have always learned that a logo should represent the brand’s image. So any text it uses must summarise everything. Kinetic typography is one of the newest trends that use words as its images to mimic concepts and act like visuals. It started with music video lyrics and later gained popularity in every type of video using texts. Since brands focus more on creativity, the fonts do it all. They create excitement amongst the audience when they read the text. Thus, enhancing immersive experiences.

Old School Animation

Another trend that has made a comeback to create nostalgia is the frame-by-frame animation drawn by pencil. Retro animation is a perfect video trend with imperfections that focus on the smooth transitions of the frame. It has been used for decades and is again set to attract the audience with its simple video making style.


One of the most prominent animated videos trends of 2022 has to be Lo-Fi. Since we have seen how much people love nostalgic videos, Lo-Fi is becoming an internet sensation. It is giving low-fidelity vibes related to its low-quality recording. In the present era, many YouTube playlists are following this trend. These have downtempo beats with vinyl scratch. Further, they sound like a niche, making them a trend with their powerful aesthetic approach. Thus, later translated into animation. It turned into a modern animation trend with little details and an imperfect look. Lo-Fi conveys nostalgia, chill and romantic melancholy. Hence, making it one of the most used animation videos.

Mascot Characters

Animation has always been a part of videos and logo designing, making the text or video look out-class to attract users. Here the mascots received great popularity and are set to evolve with their use in marketing, advertising and explainer videos. Since technology has improved drastically, these are not as complicated as the traditional ones. But developers or animators need to experiment with them to create adorable animated mascots. They drive the customers towards a brand. Customers can see such characters in mobile apps, working well with their design.

Animation has always been the heart of innovative video creation and marketing techniques. It enabled companies to create trendy videos to reach a larger audience. The animated videos served as the basis of creativity, letting designers or animators experiment with various styles, colours, shapes and typography. In short, anything that makes the video beautifully pleasing leads the viewers to buy the product or service.

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