Build your Own Short Video Sharing App Like TikTok

Few apps have had the same amount of success as TikTok.

Perhaps the simplicity of the program, or the fact that the lockout gave us ample time to indulge in TikTok pranks, contributed to the high level of demand.

However, TikTok’s spectacular growth in India ended on June 29, 2020, when the government banned the app claiming national security concerns.

Businesses eager to replicate TikTok’s success naturally started hunting for a TikTok-like app and a video-sharing app development business USA.

If you want to create the next TikTok, you’ve come to the right location! Suffescom Solutions publishes new and improved applications daily, and we receive numerous requests for apps such as TikTok.

This comprehensive guide shows you how to construct a TikTok-like app. Most significantly, we’ll divide the cost of creating this software from the bottom up.

Let’s get this celebration going.

Let’s dig a little more into how to create a TikTok-like app.

Step 1: Learn What Makes TikTok So Popular

The first step in learning how to create an app like TikTok is to understand why the app is so successful and whatever you can learn from it.

The platform had 689 million monthly active users worldwide as of January 2021. In a single quarter, 33 million downloads were made of TikTok.

So, how did it get so popular?

TikTok’s success may be due to three factors:

  • A well-defined target audience
  • A simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Its algorithms

1. A Particularly Targeted Audience

If you want to make an app comparable to TikTok, you need to think about who will download it. Who do you envision as your ideal customer personas? What do they want to achieve? Etc. will help choose what design, features, and so on to use. Consequently, identifying a well-defined target audience is one of the most crucial decisions to make when designing an app.

TikTok has distinct user demography. TikTok reports that 80 percent of all users are between 16 and 34. The platform offers the opportunity to become viral, instant pleasure, and feed suited to their interests to lure the audience.

Begin by studying your target demographic to create a successful app like TikTok. Learn more about the average age, location, device type, and other characteristics of your users. It enables you to create a better product that meets the demands of your users.

2. Excellent App Design like Tiktok

TikTok’s user interface is key to the app’s success. The program is constructed so that users are fascinated as soon as they create an account. The application will automatically play a video, which viewers may replay or switch to. One video per screen is an efficient strategy for increasing interactivity while remaining focused on content.

In addition, the app’s design is built on simplicity. Users can locate what they are looking for. The UI is clear and distraction-free from the sign-up screen through the video production screen.

One rule to consider while developing an app like TikTok is to make it as simple as possible for users to accomplish anything. Follow these steps to make things for TikTok’s approach. Reduce the number of options as well as engagements that a user may encounter. Must perform. TikTok quickly provides a confirmation code and phone number, making the process simple for consumers.

Maybe you’d like to learn how to make user-friendly software such as TikTok? Then we can assist you. Our UI/UX experts have the skills, subject expertise, and technological know-how to meet the demands of your target audience and industry. Let’s collaborate to create a well-designed TikTok clone that will engage your audience.

3. Algorithms and Feeds on TikTok

Another reason the app is sweeping the world is its content discovery tool. This page, often known as the ‘For You page,’ serves as the app’s chronology. It is the way through which customers learn about new products. The curated feed is powered by a one-of-a-kind technology that uses AI and machine learning.

“When users open TikTok and find yourself in the feed, you’ll see a stream of videos personalized to your preferences, making it simpler to find content and creators you love,” TikTok continues. A suggestion process propels this stream. It personalizes content based on the choices of each user.

The feed is one of the most crucial pages to create when creating an app like TikTok. The bulk of your users’ time will be spent viewing videos, like them, and sharing them. As a result, you’ll want to provide superior functionality. You might mimic TikTok’s vertical stream, in which users swipe up and down to see videos. Instagram is presently testing this functionality with its stories. You may also utilize the standard right-swiping approach. The bottom idea is always to keep the consumer in mind and choose what they want the most.

Step two: Investigate TikTok’s Rivals

If you want to understand how to build an app like TikTok, it’s a good idea to become acquainted with other social video applications like TikTok. It will provide you with new thoughts.

Funimate: Funimate is a video editing tool with extensive features to produce professional edits. Text may be added to movies, and users can pick from hundreds of emojis in the app’s element library. AI effects, video transitions, text effects, and other elements are also included. Users of Funimate may also purchase brand t-shirts. 

Like – Like is a video-creation and sharing platform with a sophisticated personalized feed. You may use the program to shoot and edit high-quality videos. The app’s best feature incorporates amazing features like make-up and microsurgery.

Users may experiment with various cosmetics looks by using a beauty camera. Its clever features include hair color, 4D magic with an AI-powered body movement tracker, and dubbing.

Instagram Reels: Last year, Instagram introduced reels to find and make short films on Instagram. Users may record, edit, and create 15-second multi-clip videos with audio, effects, and new creative tools with reels. Does this sound familiar? On the other hand, Reel is Instagram’s answer to the popularity of TikTok.

Certain traits may be found in internet-based video-sharing systems. It indicates that consumers are anticipating these features. As a result, to create an app comparable to TikTok, you must incorporate such characteristics and identify a unique capability that consumers would want.

Do you have an original idea? Please allow us to facilitate you in transforming your idea into a feasible strategy. Our team will collaborate with you to define the essential concept, comprehend your goals, appraise the market, and develop a product.

Step 3: Decide on a Business Model

Before starting an app like TikTok, consider developing a business strategy. The following step is to choose the appropriate revenue model. Paid applications, advertisements, in-app purchases, and more options are available. Here are some suggestions for monetizing a TikTok-like app.

These also include TikTok’s methods.

1. Make an in-app purchase

Users may buy more features, services, and content through in-app purchases. TikTok makes money through in-app coin sales ranging from 99 cents to $99.99. Users buy coins to use in the app or give to friends or favorite producers.

If TikTok coins look difficult to get at first, you can use a subscription-based technique. Premium features like AR filters live-streaming and can be charged for.

2. Promotion

Mobile advertising is the most easily accessible source of revenue for app developers. Seven out of ten applications generate income via ad display (per impression), click, or install.

TikTok generates revenue from small and major companies that use the platform to sell their products or services through in-feed video advertisements. Using AI algorithms, the app analyzes user preferences to display appropriate advertisements.

If you want to employ an ad-supported income model, start by choosing ad types such as video advertisements, banner ads, incentive ads, and so on.

Step 4: Choose the Features for an MVP Version

You must choose between a full-fledged app and an MVP at this stage. I understand your desire to incorporate every feature imaginable and present your consumers with a fully functional mobile application.

But here’s the catch. A fully working app requires time and money to develop. You also have no notion how your users will respond. When you initially enter the market, you aim to appeal to your target demographic, generate revenue, and raise funds for future ventures.

Creating a minimum viable product with the required functionality enables you to verify your company concept and suggest what features to implement later.

MVP development is viewing the product through the eyes of the end-user and identifying which features are essential to make a TikTok-like software successful.

I’ve provided a list of features as well as an estimated period for your convenience.

1. Log in and navigate to Your Profile.

To begin, you will need a login/sign-in feature to construct a TikTok-like app. For convenience, add social media, email, and phone numbers for login options.

Allow users to create their profiles by including a bio, profile photo, username, and other information. In this instance, you should pay particular attention to the data you collect. The fundamental idea is to collect only pertinent information about your business.

After registering an account, a user would want to learn more about the application and its many features. Keep the navigation simple for something like a better user experience and menu selections as basic as possible.

2. Uploading and editing videos

Your app is based on videos. An easy and quick method of uploading videos is essential for developing an app like TikTok.

Second, having a sharing option is critical for getting new users. TikTok recognizes the importance and offers a simple sharing option that allows users to share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

When creating an app like TikTok, make sure it has a full-featured video editor. Include basic editing options like cropping, rotating, and video speeding, as well as complex overlapping capabilities for dubbing videos.

3. Effects and Filters

You may attract more customers by offering one-of-a-kind filters and effects. Filters allow users to alter a video or photograph’s color and overall look.

Some of the most popular TikTok Effect categories include Trending, New, Interactive, Editing, Beauty, Funny, and World. They dramatically change the look of the video. For example, altering one’s hair color, using effects such as green screen, producing spooky memes, and so forth.

4. Leave a remark and spread the word

Like Instagram, TikTok allows users to like and comment on videos. You might include a sharing option to attract more individuals. Content creators and consumers may use this to disseminate material on other social media networks.

The ‘add to favorites’ function can even be included within the app. It’s comparable to Instagram’s ‘Saves,’ allowing users to save their favorite videos.

5. Notifications and alerts

From a marketing aspect, the notification feature is crucial. It enables you to connect with and keep your users up to date. You may use this feature to alert viewers about comments, likes, app updates, new features, and other things.

Personalization is the key to enhancing retention and improving user experience regarding notifications. Instead of irritating people by sending out generic messages, try sharing content tailored to the user’s profile, location, language, and so on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about the qualities you’ll need to appeal to your target market.

Contact us right now for a tailored time and cost estimate!


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