Five Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges You Can Trust

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been an essential part of the crypto and blockchain industries for a long time. As the entrances to the world of cryptocurrency trading, crypto exchanges have often affected how the field has changed over the years. Mt. Gox almost entirely started the cryptocurrency market, and when it suddenly shut down in 2014, it almost brought the whole thing down. In the past few years, Centralized Cryptocurrency Exchanges like Coinbase, Kraken, and Binance have been critical to market growth. Even though decentralized exchanges like Uniswap are becoming more popular, the vast majority of crypto trade still happens on centralized exchanges. In this post, we’re going to talk about centralized exchanges because of this.

Here is a list of the five centralized cryptocurrency exchanges.


Binance started up when the cryptocurrency industry was having a hard time. Large cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea, like Bithumb, lost their market dominance recently because of a series of security breaches that led regulators to take action. China’s attitude toward cryptocurrency trading was not friendly, so the country’s established cryptocurrency exchanges (Huobi and OKex) tried to keep running. Conditions were suitable for a new major player to come on the scene.

Binance came along at the right time to fill the gap and take the lead in the market, but this wasn’t just luck. People used the exchange because it was easy to use and supported a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including many niche altcoins.

Binance has become the best place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies since it started. The site has two blockchains: the Binance Chain, which is used for fast trading, and the Binance Smart Chain, which works with EVM. It has also made two coins: the local BNB token and the stable BUSD token. Among the company’s many projects is the Binance Launchpad platform for launching tokens and the Binance Academy, a place to learn about blockchain technology.

Recent changes to the exchange include the addition of an NFT marketplace where users can make, buy, and sell tokens that can’t be used elsewhere.

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world right now. Every day, it makes tens of billions of dollars. This doesn’t include trading on Binance US, a separate platform for people in the US.


When it first started, Coinbase was just a wallet service. Now, it is one of the most trusted places to trade cryptocurrencies. Coinbase has often helped the cryptocurrency market grow as the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the US. This was especially true in the early days when news that a token would be listed on the exchange could significantly affect its price.

Coinbase has always stood out because of how trustworthy and well-known it is. This was partly because it was the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. As a leader in a market with some of the strictest cryptocurrency laws, this made it a good choice.

Over the years, Coinbase has built a wide range of products and services that add value to the platform and help the growing cryptocurrency ecosystem. A full suite of products for businesses, a program to teach people about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, a stablecoin, and a lending facility that lets people borrow money using Bitcoin as collateral.

Coinbase recently said it plans to make a platform just for trading and making NFTs.


Kraken, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the United States, has been on the cutting edge of crypto trading for the past ten years. Kraken has never been one of the most critical exchanges in terms of trading volume, but it has become the platform of choice for a group of crypto fans who are very dedicated to the field. This is one reason why Kraken is known for catering to people who already know much about cryptocurrencies.

In line with this reputation, the exchange offers a wide range of advanced services, such as staking, which lets users use the bitcoin in their accounts by joining Kraken’s validator nodes, margin trading, and over-the-counter trading. The portal also has a choice of crypto futures and indices that update in real-time.

Kraken has a relatively high trading volume (just over $500 million in 24 hours, according to the most recent data from Coinmarketcap), low fees (especially for market makers), and many ways to fund your account. This gives the exchange a lot of liquidity, making it easy for users to buy and sell assets.

There is much high-quality educational content on the exchange, such as cryptography guides, movies, and podcasts.


Gemini is a famous US exchange known for its advanced trading options and its standard crypto trading. Gemini, started in 2015, is available in all 50 states and has more than 70 cryptocurrencies. This platform is one of the safest exchanges because it has strict security controls and follows the rules.

One of the best things about Gemini is its Gemini Earn program, which lets customers earn interest (up to 8.05 percent annual percentage yield) on their crypto assets. Gemini’s credit card offers instant crypto rewards of up to 3% on every purchase and is another interesting choice.

Gemini also has many options for institutional investors and more experienced traders. These include a clearing service, which lets two parties settle order book trades, a custodial service, a wallet, and a cryptocurrency payment service.

Late in 2021, Gemini raised $400 million in a fundraising deal that put the company’s worth at $7.1 billion.

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges on this list,, trades between $2 billion and $3 billion coins every 24 hours. This puts it in the same league as Coinbase. It is not surprising that the site is so popular because it supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and has advanced trading options. works with more than 70 cryptocurrencies, including some of the most popular DeFi tokens.’s most popular products include:

  • A crypto payment service.
  • A crypto loan business.
  • Visa debit cards that give exchange holders stablecoin CRO rewards (up to 8% back in CRO on debit card spending).

More experienced traders will like options like margin trading, derivatives trading, and DeFi token swaps.

You can not spend recent changes at include adding a market for coins.


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