How Employee Referrals Can Improve Your Retention Rate

In any case, retaining the top talent should always be one of the foremost priorities for any business. However, much of the retention and keeping the staff force happy depends on using the best employee referrals tracking software to identify the best candidate for any position.

Well-known research shows that around 26% of all external hires come from employee referrals, making it one of the top new recruitment sources. Also, around 82% of organizations say that employee referral is the best hiring source to generate the highest ROI. And lastly, around 88% of organizations mention that employee referrals attract high-quality hires.

These are just a few statistics about employee referrals, and there are many other things to like. So, if you want to increase employee retention, it’s time to get employee referral tracking software. So now, let’s look at a few ways how employee referral can help your business.

Workplace Diversity

It is no hidden truth that diverse businesses tend to outperform their rivals, big time. Such businesses will most likely reach their financial goals faster with a windfall for their employees. The advantages of promoting diversity across workforces can be huge, though building such a workplace requires a lot of patience and hard work.

It may need you to work with a recruiter and get a wide range of job candidates to fill roles and even employ candidate management software. This can be costly and time-consuming. Alternatively, your organization can leverage an employee referral program to foster diversity.

An employee referral program gives you quick access to a large talent pool of diverse job candidates. In addition, you can use the program to encourage employees to come forward with any candidates they believe can contribute to your business. Finally, the program can provide a diverse sourcing option for exceptional candidates.


In a survey of 1,500 American job seekers, 88% participants cited culture as “at least of relative importance” when applying. Moreover, 46% believed culture is very important, and 15% returned a job offer due to a company’s culture.

Job seekers and potential candidates place a high value on culture, and your company needs to plan accordingly. You can use employee referrals to identify candidates who fit your culture as part of your efforts.

Your employees will act as brand ambassadors for your organization. They reflect your company’s culture and spread the word about your business to others. Plus, your employees can also identify like-minded professionals who can fill roles across the multiple departments of your business.

As a result, your employees can get you in touch with potential applicants who are great cultural fits and stay with your organization long into the future.

Talent Recruitment

With the right approach to talent acquisition, your organization can avoid financial losses associated with unfilled roles. Generally, it is convenient to have a recruiter at your disposal. You can employ in-house or hire third-party recruiters who can connect you with top talent upon request.

In addition to this, recruiters can leverage their relationships to refer applicants to your business. However, a recruiter can only do so much and may lack to cope with the growing needs of your business. You can rely on employee referrals to help with the current talent acquisition strategy to engage with many outstanding job candidates.

Employee referrals won’t eliminate your need for a recruiter. However, they can provide greater access to top talent. Employee referrals can help you fill vacancies faster and more effectively than ever before.

Training and Hiring

Generally, it can take up to three years to get an external hire to work as competently as an internal hire. This is even though external hires tend to be paid more than internal ones.

You don’t have to break your financial budget to hire top talent. Fortunately enough, with employee referrals, you can speed up your training and hiring processes. You can also limit your operating costs, all simultaneously.

Employees can provide insights into candidates with skills that are in line with your business. They can also offer an advantage your rivals cannot match. This is the chance for new hires to work with someone they already know and trust. So, you can use your employee referrals to hire skilled professionals quickly. Also, they won’t require an expensive and lengthy training program. These new hires have a higher chance of being loyal to your business for years to come, too.

Take Advantage of Employee Referrals

Irrespective of your industry, make the hiring process simple and transparent. When you contact them regarding a role with your business, let your employees know what their referrals should expect. Then, these referrals can prepare for job interviews and other steps throughout the hiring cycle.

Employee referral tracking software can help your business attract top talent and keep it in place for many years. Use employee referrals going forward, and your company is well-equipped to optimize its talent retention levels.

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