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Camping In Lansdowne: A Perfect Activity For Adventure Seekers

Take a break from your hectic life and visit wonderful adventure camps and go camping in Lansdowne to satisfy your thirst for timeless beauty and exciting adventure. Camping in Lansdowne is a well-known activity among nature lovers and adventure seekers and it requires no introduction. The small hill station, located in the Pauri Garhwal Himalayas, is a wonderful journey in the lap of magical nature, appealing fauna, and intriguing surroundings. You can enjoy camping by just booking any of the Lansdowne camping packages offered by Lock Your Trip. Due to its natural appeal, soothing stillness, and old-world charm, it appears more exotic than Uttarakhand’s prominent hill stations such as Nainital, Almora, Kausani, and others.

Camping in Lansdowne is a popular choice among the many leisure and adventure activities offered at the location. Lansdowne’s timeless beauty and old-world charm make it an ideal weekend destination for honeymooners, travellers, adventurers, families, and friends. The romantic hilltown, perched at a height of 1706 metres above sea level, is blessed with diverse and plentiful flora and fauna. The peace and tranquilly of the location are unique, and the mountainous hills are suitable for a variety of games and activities such as rappelling, rafting, mountain climbing, and hiking. Travellers exploring the area will have a world-class experience thanks to the abundant fauna and breathtaking beauty of the area. Be sure to explore the vast forest area and participate in some thrilling adventure activities while on your tour of camping in Lansdowne. 

Camping In Lansdowne With Adventures Galore

One of the best in thing is a camp experience in this area. The unusual location tucked away nicely in the area of the river Kho, adds to the already attractive environment. The mountain tents are equipped with high-quality beds and mattresses, carpeted flooring. And windows that offer alluring views of the surrounding timeless natural beauty. At regular intervals, the in-house dining halls provide great meals and local specialities, and the big outdoor space is suitable for enjoyable games such as cricket, badminton, and football.

Apart from that, the camp offers and arranges adventurous activities such as hiking, the Burma bridge, cliff leaping, rock climbing, and some others. You may also travel on a solo or private trip into the nearby forest, either on foot or by cycle. The well-defined cycling tracks assigned on the pathways make it easy to navigate without getting lost. The overall cost of a room for a group of three is roughly INR 3200, including breakfast and lunch (or dinner). 

V Resorts Camp Lansdowne Advait

V Resorts Camp Lansdowne Advait is located 26 kilometres from the main town and is literally on the banks of the Kho River. The camping area provides a panoramic view of the nearby valley as well as a glimpse into the rich fauna. Rock climbing, cliff leaping, Burma bridge, rappelling, and other calorie-burning adventure sports are available at the camp. The home also features an in-house court and open area where you may play badminton or soccer with your friends. 

Apart from that, they provide both inside and outdoor seating options. You may also take it with you and explore the region on your own. You can do so by hiking to a neighbouring hill. And discovering the ancient Bhairon Dev Mandir situated on the cliff’s edge. The campground features eight tents with beds, mattresses, plug sockets, and other necessities. Two or three people can shared tents. They also offer a fully working wifi network and a doctor on call service. The cost for one person is approximately INR 3000 for bed and breakfast and INR 3500  for all meals. 

Camp Chayan Lansdowne

Camp Chayan is situated in the centre of the forest. Which is along with panoramic views of the surrounding forests and a glimpse of the mountains. The campsite, which is 26 kilometres from Lansdowne, is the ideal place to get away from the city and heal. And refresh among the timeless beauty of nature. There are nine Safari tents with associated washrooms and basic sanitary amenities at the site. They have constant cold water and hot water on demand, as well as soap, shampoo, and other basic necessities. Every room contains two beds and an additional mattress for a third person. 

The tents are set among tall pine trees, and adventurous activities are organised on the premises; that’s why bookings are needed in advance. Because the camp is set back and surrounded by trees. You have the option of playing music at any time of day. Dining is among the most fun things at the camp since the food is served out in the open with panoramic views of the surrounding lovely hills and forests. You may pick between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals at the camp. A day’s stay costs around INR 1800 per person and includes one breakfast, one lunch (or dinner), one welcome drink, and light snacks. 

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Ganga Valley Adventure Camp

The Ganga Valley Adventure Camp is similarly located on the picturesque banks of the Kho River and offers visitors super luxury tents. You may rent their Furnished tents at a lower price. All of the tents include sanitary restrooms and sanitation facilities. They have access to water and power 24 hours a day, as well as a large open area suitable for outdoor play. Rappelling, mountain climbing, river crossing, rafting, bonfires, rock climbing, and other adventurous sports are available at the camp. 

Lansdowne Camp

Lansdowne Camp is one of the most popular places for camping in Lansdowne. They provide a variety of accommodations and quality amenities to fit your demands and luxury, ranging from 5-star tents along Kho Lake to budget tents deep in the jungle. They are all supplied with essential amenities such as 24-hour water and power, sufficient sanitation and hygiene arrangements, local delicacies and multi-cuisine dishes, hiking and bird-watching opportunities, bonfire and BBQ facilities, and so on. The activities as well as other games are all carefully planned and are absolutely safe for you to enjoy while camping. 

Tips For Camping In Lansdowne

While camping in Lansdowne may be a lot of fun, there are also a few things to keep in mind.

  • Bring a torch.
  • Carry emergency food in your backpack.
  • Bring no valuables or high-priced goods with you.
  • To avoid rashes, bring bug and mosquito repellents with you.
  • Remember to bring your sleeping bag, first aid kit, rain jacket, and pocket knife.
  • It is preferable to practise setting up a tent before travelling on a trip if one intends to set up their own tent.

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