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Eko Stay- Aloha Villa in Igatpuri

Welcome To Aloha Villa In Igatpuri

Luxury Villa In Igatpuri

EKO STAY ALOHA VILLA is located at Igatpuri, in the central province of Maharashtra in South India.

Iga repays its visitors with a unique mix of traditional Maharastrian cuisine and modern metropolitan style cooking.

Igatpuri has many interesting places of interest that you can visit while staying at EKO STAY ALOHA VILLA.

The highlight of the day is the famous Maharashtra Highway. This stretch of the highway is known for its scenic beauty, wildlife and for wonderful views of the valley.

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Beautiful Amenities Nearby Villa

The road passes through rice terraces, small forested villages, small towns and beautiful landscapes.

Passing through the picturesque hamlets and temples, you will come across quaint little shops selling food stuff and drink.

There are several eateries and coffee houses where you can have a delicious meal.

Beautiful Amenities

If you want to spend your time exploring the culture and history of Igatpuri, then you must stop at the Kalsubai Wildlife Sanctuary.

The place is home to hundreds of animals like deer, jungle fowl, elephants, buffaloes, lions, camels and deer.

A walk through this sanctuary is like walking through another world because of the evidence of different cultures, ancient traditions and architectures.

Explore WildLife Santuaries

There is a water body at the centre of the park that is filled with sand. Various bird species call this place their home.

If you are interested in nature, then you must not miss visiting the wildlife sanctuary. It is one of the largest in the country.

 Aloha Villa Igatpuri

Millions of bird species call this place their home. The richness of flora and fauna is very striking.

You can spot a variety of birds such as egrets, chickadees, white-tailed deer, wild elephants and tigers here.

Shopping Places to visit in Igatpuri

If you are a shopping buff, then you must visit the M.I. Road market. This is one of the best places to buy local handicrafts, fabrics and metals.

The fruits and vegetables you will find here will surprise you for its freshness and quality. There is also the possibility of bargaining for a good price if you are willing to work hard for it.

At M.I. Road market, you have the option to shop till you drop. But if you want to make a leisurely stroll around, there are plenty of roadside eateries serving delicious Maharashtrian meals.

The most popular eatery here is the roadside eateries at Igatpuri. The other local eateries are at Nashik , lonavala, and Maraduwa.

Shopping Places

At Igatpuri, you can try out some of the authentic Maharastrian delicacies. This is a small market that sells both local and tourist products.

You can choose from cooked food and street food. If you want to shop for daily necessity at Untwadi Road, then go to Nashik.

It is one of the biggest markets in the town selling everything under the sun from vegetables to fruits, clothes to jewelry, souvenirs to books.

In Untwadi Road, you can find some of the best bargain deals on clothes. Women here sell their new wears everyday at amazingly low prices.

Overall Experience in Igatpuri

The best time to visit here is during the weekdays because they open till late and many people come to shop.

In conclusion, Eko walk is a must-visit place in and around Aloha Villa in Igatpuri.

Its natural beauty and blissful ambiance has endeared many tourists to spend their holidays in this lovely state.

Eko Walk is a spectacular place where you can see many beautiful sights and sounds. It has a lot of waterfalls and other natural attractions.

The waterfalls and water lagoons attract everyone. The bird sanctuary is worth seeing. It offers an insight into the lifestyle of the local people.

Another interesting place to visit here is the Snake Sanctuary. There are many species of snakes here like boa constrictors, red-tailed boas, king boas, coral snakes, leatherback snakes etc.

All these species can be found only in Igatpuri. I also recommended you toread this, if you have Chromebook device. How to see saved wifi password on Chromebook?

Some of them have become extinct in the other parts of the world due to habitat loss and encroachment. So, this place is very important to study and preserve their delicate environment.

Besides Eko Walk, there are many other places to explore in Igatpuri. Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik and Kalsubai are some famous tourists’ destinations here.

Apart from these, many hill stations and wild life sanctuaries also provide exciting and memorable holiday trips. So, there is definitely something for everyone here.

You can choose a charming beach destination, a serene hill station or the wild life sanctuary to spend your holiday with complete peace of mind.

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