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EKO STAY CASA MONTE villa in alibaug , India

The EKO STAY CASA MONTE is located at a famous place in Alibaug, It is regarded as one of the best villas in Alibaug. The villa has a lot to offer for anyone who likes to enjoy mountain hiking.

If you are looking for a more traditional holiday with your own private cottage then there are also guesthouses that are available.

The EKO STAY CASA MONTE offers a variety of accommodation options. There are self-catering apartments or holiday cottages available to rent direct from the resort.

Description of Casa Monte villa

Eko Stay has a wide range of accommodation that is suitable for all budgets. The guest houses and self-catering apartments can be booked directly with Ekostay.

Alternatively, you may want to look around and find something on the internet or in the local area. In either case, you should check that the property is booked before you travel there.

Booking online can sometimes be difficult so always make sure you have the place booked before you travel.

Space of Villa

The chefs use fresh ingredients to prepare a variety of dishes. Everything is made from scratch using local produce.

There is also a variety of good restaurants in the area so you won’t get bored. Try some of the tapas and rice dishes at the local tapas bars.

You can choose to stay in a cabin, a house or a hotel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. A cabin will give you the advantage of being closer to nature and local attractions such as jetskiing. boat ride & more, which is only an hour’s ride away.

A house will give you a bit more privacy but will be far from the main attractions. The hotel can give you everything you need including a balcony or room on the ground floor.

Outdoor Area of Villa

Once you have chosen the cabin or hotel you would like to stay in you will need to book the ground floor tickets. This is where all the action is at. There are bars, clubs, restaurants, and a shopping center. This is the heart of Goa and it is definitely worth a visit.

Your journey will begin with a visit to the museum. It is one of the finest in the world. You will be awed by the collection of ancient artifacts. The Karmarkar Museum has been located in alibag. Do check the address.

Address: Karmarkar Museum P.O Sasavne via Alibaug Dist. Raigad, Maharashtra 402201. Contact: (0214) 123 7313

Alibag also has a lot to offer on the nightlife scene. There is a very good casino club here named the Kargo. It is open fr Tuesday to Sunday evening. You will not want to miss out on this fantastic club.

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