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Welcome To Eko Stay Fern Villa In Igatpuri

EKO STAY FERN VILLA is a popular hotel in Igatpuri, Maharashtra.

It is nestled 3000+ feet above on the shores of the Nashik district, on the west side of the island.

EKO STAY FERN VILLA Igatpuri, is a newly built resort with a number of lavish amenities.

It was designed by architects belonging to the Topcities group. This resort offers many luxurious services and packages including spa treatment and detoxification center.

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EKO STAY FERN VILLA provides a wide range of accommodation choices to suit all budgets.

One of the most attractive features of EKO STAY FERN VILLA Igluntur is its close proximity to the beach.

It is conveniently located just a few steps away from the marina. The view of the beach from the front door of your villa is quite spectacular and breathtaking.

Igatpuri Beach View

You can relax and sun bathe while overlooking the crystal clear water of the Aegean Sea.

There are many restaurants and bars in the area that offer local dishes, specialty dishes, and continental cuisine.

Swimming Pool

If you want to spend your holiday away from the busy city traffic, the villas at EKO STAY FERN VILLA Igatpuri are the best places for you to stay and enjoy the serenity and calmness of this area.

Water Sports Activities

As far as recreational activities are concerned, there are many sports clubs and activities available for tourists like fishing, sailing, water skiing, mountain biking, hiking and many more.

One can also opt for a golf club membership and indulge in regular rounds of play.

There are many tourist attractions around the resort, too. These attractions are sure to excite your holiday to the maximum.

Budget Friendly Villas In Igatpuri

EKO STAY FERN VILLA offers two types of accommodation to suit different budget groups. First, there is a typical villa where you can easily get accommodation and facilities.

The cost of a villa in Eko STAY FERN is moderately expensive and most budget families and groups can easily afford it.

The second type of accommodation is the serviced apartment. These apartments are quite spacious and comfortable and come with all the modern amenities like cable television, air conditioning system, telephone line, DVD player, kitchenette, etc. Want to read this, Get Virgin Media Area Reference Code.

The Eko stay villa owner will gladly provide you all these facilities and more at an extremely reasonable cost.

However, before booking the villa ensure that all the necessary paperwork is settle.

You must also make arrangement for visa and insurance documents. Most of these villas come fully furnish but there may be some additional facilities available at an extra cost.

Playgroung In Villa

Eko stay villa owners are fully aware of the facilities and amenities offered at their place. So, don’t feel disappointed when you step into the luxurious and well equipped villa.

Eko villa owners take great pains to ensure that their guests are well take care of.

All the rooms have TV sets, air conditioning system, telephone lines, DVD players, Internet connection, kitchenette, etc.

Therefore, you can enjoy complete privacy and enjoy the warmth of the sun while staying in the Eko Fern Villa.

Your room will have a balcony or veranda and access to the swimming pool. This is where you can spend a lovely day or relax during your stay in Eko Fern Villa.

Best Amenities To Visit In Igatpuri

Also, if you decide to go out for shopping or sightseeing, you will have your own vehicle which will fetch you easily to anywhere you want to go. The hotel staff is also very cordial and friendly.

When you are finish with your activities, you can simply sit back and relax by watching the television and listening to the music.

You will have everything that you require at your disposal.

In fact, if you feel like cooking, you can prepare food yourself. The villa owner will also prepare your meals and will ensure that the quality is of the highest order.

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