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Ekostay Panorama villa view in Alibag, India

Panorama villa Ekostay in Alibag is a 2bhk bedroom fully furnished property situated in Saswane, just 7-15 mins from Mandwa Jetty a couple of kilometers from the heart of alibaug center. It has two swimming pools, a large patio, and an outdoor dining area with an attached kitchen. You have to climb a flight of stairs to reach the place but the view is worth it.

Panorama villa Ekostay in Alibag comes with its own water system and was designed for friends, family & groups. The villa has 2 queen size rooms with a combination of modern and traditional features. There are three kinds of heated pool wifi inbuilt in the house. These are the low profile and the heat pumps. There are also rain showers. The private swimming pool is open for use twenty-four hours a day.

Panorama villa Ekostay in Alibag
Panorama villa Ekostay in Alibag

The villa has a terrace is home to some of the finest views. The beautiful view on the second floor with a very modern atmosphere and also an interesting view. The villa has a dining section and also you will get catering service, Fridge, Gas & stove, barbeque grill, and a lounge, as well as a coffee and a poolside eatery. The panoramic views are simply stunning and make you feel like you’re seeing history being created every day.

The Caterer can be arranged for everyone if informed 2 days prior to arrival has a gourmet buffet starting at six o’clock in the morning and serving delicious fresh pasta dishes, lasagna, steaks, steamed mussels, crab meatballs, and scallops. You can check in here with your colleagues or friends for a comfortable and cozy environment. The panoramic view of Saswane Beach in Alibag (Next to Mandwa) makes this villa a wonderful retreat. There is a beautiful swimming pool and a heated pool wifi connection so you can swim any time of the day and stay cool in summer.

Saswane Beach in Alibag
Saswane Beach in Alibag

This luxurious villa has a big area and a beautiful garden that provide a sanctuary from the hustle of the city. The view from this room is simply breathtaking and there is a heated indoor pool and an outdoor pool that’s open all day long. There is a guest house attached to the hotel and you can check in here and have tea and coffee at their guesthouse during your stay in the Panorama villa.

Panorama villa Ekostay rooms
Panorama villa Ekostay rooms

This lovely villa has an all-inclusive stay, which includes services such as air conditioning, WiFi connection, and room service. The service that they offer is very good and they are very prompt in giving you answers to any questions that you may have. The service is always fast when it comes to checking in or leaving the hotel and it never disappoints when it comes to the services that are offered to you as a guest. The rooms are comfortable and the Wi-Fi service is very fast.

Private villa with swimming pool
Private villa with swimming pool

If you want to experience a wonderful stay in alibaug, then you must stay at the panorama villa eko stay. You will not regret your decision to choose this amazing place for a vacation. With your all-inclusive vacation package, you will be able to enjoy activities like sea kayaking, windsurfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and even horseback riding at alibaug beach. There are plenty of wonderful things to do alibaug, making your trip to the area very exciting. You can visit the beautiful and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the beaches as well as the lush green mountains that can be found there. Alibaug also offers you some of the best nightlife in the region, which will definitely add excitement to your trip to this place.

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Ekostay panorama villa address: Saswane Beach Road House number 1823, Tal, Alibaug

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