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Luxury & Private Seafront villas in Alibaug, India

Sea breeze Villa – Ekostay

The Severe Front Sea Villa is nestled on the opposite Fulai Devi Temple, Saswane, Alibag, and is only a few minutes away from alibag. The Sea Front breeze Villa is easily one of the most impressive seaside villas available in entire India.

It is perfect for holiday homes and is a place where families can enjoy the best of French coastal living while still relaxing in a luxurious and relaxing environment.

For those who enjoy the more exclusive and luxury options, this is one of the places that you want to head to. You will love the laid-back atmosphere and the amazing views of the ocean.

Perfect for honeymoon

With its commanding view of the ocean, this Sea Ville is perfect for romantic breaks or honeymoons.

Many holiday makers come here to enjoy the beach life and the marine life that can be found in the area.

The seascape is spectacular with plenty of opportunity for scenery.

Many holiday makers come here to watch the different kinds of fish that can be seen at various times during the year.

This enchanting palaces adds a captivating element to the area.

Seafront villa view

The seascape at the SEA front villa offers views of several natural attractions.

The landscape varies depending on what season it is. In the springtime, you can see idyllic fields with apple orchards growing with wildflowers and fragrant herbs springing up around.

In summer, the landscape is diverse with palm trees and grass fields dotting the landscape as well as the occasional rose bush.

You can see the sun setting over the sea as well as watching the setting sun on the water. This tranquil and lovely environment makes the area a perfect place to relax, unwind and enjoy. The interior of the place is stunning.

The floors and furniture are all made of natural materials and the decor is very earthy and inspired by Balinese culture. Each room has a terrace or an outdoor balcony as well as the ground floor features a sunken carpet.

The floors have stone tiled floors and the furniture is very stylish and extravagant. The villa is surrounded by beautiful landscaping and offers visitors a panoramic sea view.

Seafront villa with swimming pool

The pool area at the Seafront villa offers visitors a swimming pool. The swimming pool at the Ekostay Seafront villa has a seating area and an indoor diving pool as well as a plunge pool and an oceanfront deck. The villa also includes a dining area with a bar and two TV screens.


One of the unique features of the Ekostay Seafront villa is its roofed courtyard. The courtyard is decorated with exotic foliage that showcases a beautiful tropical garden.

It is surrounded by tropical palm trees and includes a swimming pool and an oceanfront patio that overlook the beautiful sandy beach.

The terrace can be used as a sitting area and the villa has been designed with comfortable and stylish living areas and is well equipped with a kitchen, an indoor pool, and a dining area.

Luxurious Sea Villa

The luxurious Sea Villa is a wonderful getaway during your trip to Alibag. The Sea Villa is an eight-story tower that offers amazing views of the city and is an exciting holiday experience.

The Sea breeze Ville ekostay is also luxurious in alibag. It has an indoor swimming pool and an outdoor infinity-edge pool. The Sea breeze Villa was built on a new five-star hotel model and is perfectly designed to provide a luxurious stay with fantastic views.

Private villa for family & friends

The spacious and well-furnished villas are perfect for families or groups of friends looking for a private retreat. Many tourists prefer the villas as they offer all the comforts and privacy needed by a holidaymaker. The private, secluded areas make them ideal for families.

The spacious private courtyard and living room offer the holiday maker’s favorite area to relax and enjoy their holiday. The Sea Villa has a number of meeting facilities including meeting tables, TV, conference rooms, Internet access, and a mini-fridge with a freezer.

Other popular features of the sea view villa include a fully equipped kitchen and a mini-bar with a stocked barbeque.

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