How Do Car Tyres Perform During Winter?

Tyres have a significant influence on a car’s capabilities. They affect how much control you have when driving because they are the only point of contact between your automobile and the road. Every component of a tyre affects how your car behaves on the road, especially during seasons like winter when driving conditions are severely affected.

To assist you in better grasping things, this article by one of the best Tata motors dealers in Gurgaon will discuss how your car’s performance will be impacted by its tyres during the winter.


It’s crucial maintenance, especially in cold weather, to make sure your tyres are properly filled. The first thing you want is for a flat caused by the cold to cause your ski trip to be delayed. The collapse of treads due to insufficient pressure can make it more challenging for your car to handle challenging driving conditions. Tyres that are under-inflated are more likely to fail early because they must flex more, which warms the rubber and hastens material degradation. By looking at the rim, you can see what pressure your tyres should have.


The suspension of your car should take tyre width into account. Driving on wider tyres could make your automobile less safe by making it harder to control if you don’t have a tuned suspension. Wider tyres are often thought to offer excellent traction, although this isn’t always the case. Wide tyres are typically only found on 4×4 vehicles with huge suspension systems, like jeeps and Land Rovers, which have considerable clearance off the ground. However, some 4×4 estate vehicles can also be modified to accommodate wide tyres.


The degree of flexibility or rigidity in your tyres depends on how soft or firm the rubber is. Although the tougher tyres don’t offer much traction, they perform better in challenging driving situations like going fast or across difficult terrain.

Tread depth

For your tyres to maintain a reasonable degree of grip and stopping force, tread depth is essential. When travelling independently to the Alps, bad roads may be encountered, especially during the coldest months of December, January, and February. Given that its winter, it’s best to be ready for anything to ensure that your trip to your vacation destination goes smoothly, added by Tata Motors Dealers in Ambala.

Thick treaded tyres are better at cutting through ice, snow, sand, mud, gravel, and other obstacles. You’ll be better equipped to control your vehicle in dangerous driving situations if the tyres have a thick tread and a wide groove. A thicker tread increases traction and lengthens stopping distance. Put some snow-chains on to cut through the snow and provide grip as a quick fix. Snow-chain solutions abound, and they all have varying degrees of usability and cost.

Wheel diameter

It’s likely that you don’t think wheel diameter matters for how well your car’s tyres perform, but it does. The diameter appears on the transaction as the first number when you buy tyres from nearby stores. Driving in the winter calls for more stopping force, especially if the snow is compacted. You could need it if you wish to take a car on your ski vacation to the Alps, where the roads may be covered in more snow. Your wheels’ diameter will determine how well they can accommodate massive brake rotors, which can provide exceptional stopping power.

Larger diameter wheels do, however, come with a number of performance trade-offs. Larger tyres are more prone to bending, more difficult to turn, perform poorly in corners, and cause bumpier rides. Remember that there are many corners to negotiate on the last ascent from the valley level to the resorts.

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