How To Clean Mobile Concrete Mixer Machine in Simple Steps? 

Mobile concrete mixer carry concrete from a plant to the construction site. In this truck cement, sand and water is transported from plants with ‘ready mixed concrete. The concrete is loaded into the truck through the process of agitation for delivery.

A small concrete mixer is ideal for small construction requirements where it is difficult to work with large volumetric mixers. Since every modern mobile concrete mixer machine is lightweight. This means it is easy to move them from one place to another.

Mobile concrete mixers are top-performing machines in construction. Due to their benefits, it is widely used everywhere. If you have portable concrete mixer, you need to know everything about its maintenance and cleaning process.

Many concrete mixers fail to perform because their interior and exterior are not clean as. It is essential to pay attention to their cleanliness to get the maximum result.  To keep them running, you need to clean them. You should regularly follow the cleanliness process. 

Since they transport concrete to construction sites, you need to pay attention to them. Concrete mixers can efficiently combine cement, sand and gravel to form concrete ready for a wide variety of applications. We will talk about some easy steps to cleaning a mobile concrete mixer.

Gone are the days when concrete mixing was performed with hands. Nowadays, you have concrete mixers to get you a uniform quality of concrete.

Whether you want to use them in a batch plant or at the site, they can provide a good consistency and reduce the time that goes wasted. With so many construction activities going on nowadays, the market is full of different types of concrete mixers, balancing supply and demand chains. 

If you have a construction project, having the best mobile concrete mixer can reduce cost, bring efficiency and speed up the process. However, it is equally essential to clean and maintain concrete mixers regularly too.  You need important chemicals and tools that will help you in cleaning.

How to Clean Concrete Mixer?

When mobile concrete mixers carry concrete, the concrete accumulates in lumps and its steel is prone to corrosion.  Cleaning of concrete on concrete tanks and access mouths is essential to maintain your truck. Ensure after every delivery, you clean your truck properly.

It is better to clean cement when it is wet. This helps clean fast as it does not have complex chemicals to break chemicals down. Rather than using hydrochloric acid, you can use mild substances or chemicals to clean the mixer.

A high-powered rinse and a scrub are sufficient to clean the wet concrete from the mixer. A wet cement will come off easily when using appropriate tools and chemicals.

Use Tools

When your concrete drum starts to spin, you can use a hammer or mallet to loosen any of the hardened concrete. After that spin, the drum for a few more minutes and then take off the concrete to empty it. Once you have emptied all of the things.

Use a high powered spray to rinse the interiors of the drum. This will knock large chunks off the walls of the drum easily. But ensure to wear safety goggles to protect yourself from dust and debris. 

You have to devote time to cleaning because it can not clean all at once. You can remove concrete from the drum by spinning the drum twice or thrice maybe.

Use Chemicals

Another inexpensive way to clean the mixer is with water and gravel. It does not include the use of corrosive chemicals. You can just leave a mixture of water and gravel rotating for fifteen to twenty minutes for the best result.

By adjusting all nooks and crannies of the drum you can get the desired results. If you do not know how much gravel and water to add when using the mixer for the first time, you can look for the user manual guide by the concrete mixer company and clean mixer. 

You may need rubber gloves, a mask, safety goggles and a cleaning solution for the cleaning session. When you slowly spin the mixture or tilt it in several directions then it will completely clean the drum.

Once you have completed the process, dispose of the liquid and rinse your drum completely with water. Allow the drum to dry completely after clean up is complete. Ensure to clean the drum thoroughly , you need to have proper tools.  

Use a heavy-duty acid-based chemical in exceptional cases. It is a good idea to look for green products available in the market to clean the mixer. 

You can also get in touch with PRO-ALL to get handy tips to clean concrete mixers when buying. No matter which brand of mixer you have, cleaning a mixer on the daily basis should not be that difficult. So, do not forget to explore a range of parts from an industry expert. 

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