Why People Are Loving Electric Bikes?

Environmental issues and climate change are hot topics around the world today. To tackle it electric mobility is growing by a high magnitude. Electric bikes and scooters can play crucial support to accelerate e-mobility. Governments from around the world have turned their automobile sector into a path of terrific transformation. Electric mobility took the world by a surprise where more and more people are getting used to the phrase and products. 

India is also not lagging behind in developing cutting-edge products in the form of electric bikes, electric scooters, and electric cars. The state of Karnataka is already operating electric buses in the cities. More states such as Rajasthan and the UP government have also taken major steps to change their ICE vehicles into electric vehicles to cut down emissions. The age of new mobility has arrived in India in a tremendous fashion, and electric bikes are in the spotlight.

Why are people getting more comfortable with electric bikes?

Electric bikes and electric scooters in India are getting more limelight today. It’s not only because they fight climate change but you also need to consider their minimalism and simplicity. Ebikes and scooters don’t need bulky and rotating components to make wheels roll. Electric bikes use a battery pack and a motor to power themselves up.

You may have seen a wide number of electric bike dealerships opening up in your cities and towns. But the reality is this giant achievement didn’t happen overnight. As batteries are becoming cheaper day by day, the desire to buy e-bikes and e-scooters is also increasing.  

Electric bikes not only found great customers from the youth but elderly and disabled people too. They are also flocking to electric bike dealerships to buy a suitable source of mobility. 

Hi-tech electronics and sensors are making EVs extremely sensational and worthy. It helps to provide better safety as compared to heavy petrol-fueled bikes.

Moreover, if you want to beat congestion on roads, nothing can become more superlative than electric bikes. Many e-mobility companies offer great products. These products can help you to smoothly edge past congested streets and roads of typical Indian cities. 

Future of EVs in India depends on affordable battery and energy solution

Electric bikes though form a negligible part of India’s total vehicles yet there is a profound opportunity to make them accessible for all. The only problem is the high cost of batteries and the lack of sustainable charging infrastructure in the country. But to combat this issue, the Indian Government investing a lot to support EV infrastructure.

If these two issues are solved considerably, then there is a massive possibility that electric bikes will become an everyday affair of your life. According to research, the current estimation suggests around 7 million electric vehicles plying on the streets by the end of this decade. 

Other renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydrogen are also being inspected. These energy resources propel the growth of next-generation e-bikes and e-scooters in India.

Why Electric Bikes Scooters are Priority across the world

Electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels in India. This can be one of the crucial factors, which is boosting the number of users of electric bikes in India. When fossil fuel bikes are concerned, the cost of operation is considerably high as compared to electric bikes. Generally, the cost of riding 1 kilometer is about 30-40 paise on electric bikes. But, on the contrary, petrol bikes may cost three to five times higher.

Electric bikes and scooters are also good for the environment. It is a watershed moment for the world, which is experiencing widespread devastation as a result of growing pollution and the horrifying repercussions of climate change. If widely adopted, electric bikes can quickly reduce the problem of hazardous emissions from internal combustion engines. One of the primary reasons why electric bike companies and manufacturers spend so much time and money spreading awareness of the benefits of electric bikes is because of this.

Key challenges before electric vehicles like electric bikes and electric scooters

  1. Increasing interest rates, high insurance costs, and limited lending possibilities are now faced by EV buyers. These finance-related problems may stymie EV adoption in the country as the technology becomes more widely used.
  2. Limited driving range, high battery costs and long charging times are key challenges for EV autmakers today. Insufficient charging infrastructure on highways and streets. As well as concerns with the availability of readymade semiconductors and other electronics, are also another issues that are plaguing EV adoption in India.

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