What is a Motor Carrier Number ? Where Did Number Go?

The HTML0 Unified Registration System (URS) is an online registration system that will make it easier and more efficient to complete the process of registration for the Federal Motor Carrier Security Agency’s (FMCSA) process to register motor carrier numbers. It is an efficient database of all the entities that are regulated by FMCSA. agency. All motor carriers operating on the interstate (private as also for the hiring of freight and passenger) and brokers, freight forwarders, Intermodal Equipment Providers (IEPs) and dangerous material safety permit (HMSP) applicants/ holders as well as cargo tank repair and manufacturing companies have to be registered under the current system.

As of August 13, 2013, the purpose of this process is to get rid of paper, convert records to electronic format, and make it easier to find registration information since they are all kept within the same system.

MX, MC, and FF numbers will not be distributed.

The most important change? MC MX MC MX and FF numbers won’t be issued anymore. This means that the DOT code will be the only identification for all businesses subject to FMCSA regulation, including motor carriers.

DOT Number-

The USDOT Number is a unique identifier that is used for monitoring and collecting the security of data from compliance audits, audits investigation into crashes, and inspections.

Companies that use commercial vehicles to transport passengers or transport freight for international commerce must have a registration with FMCSA and also have the USDOT Number. Commercial carriers of hazardous materials in the state, who are transporting loads that require authorization to ensure safety have to sign up for their USDOT Number.

Motor Carrier Number (MC Number)-

The standard is that businesses that carry out the following functions are required to get an Interstate Operating Authority (MC number) as well as DO numbers:

  • Use as a for-hire company (for the amount or other amount or another)
  • Transport passengers in interstate commerce
  • Federally-regulated goods, or arrange their transportation via interstate commerce

FF Number-

Businesses have to obtain Operating Authority as a freight forwarder to facilitate international or foreign commerce. Freight forwarders manage the transportation of goods with licensed carriers who have FMCSA licenses. Freight forwarders issue bills of lading (bills of) to the ship. They are responsible for any damage or loss of the product.

MX Number –

Mexican Carriers for Motor Carrier Authority to Operate Beyond U.S. Municipalities and Commercial Zones on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Effective Dates :

1st November 2013, the compliance date for biennial updates as motor carriers have to periodically change their registration information under CFR 390.19. CFR 390.19.

23 Oct. 2015 Date of effective to meet all remaining URS requirements, allowing the Agency to start in the procedure of creating its website, which is accessible here.

What is the reason it’s better to save the MC and DO numbers?

FMCSA considers that it is a safe record that can be kept with just dot and mc number.

There is a whole division dedicated to preventing fraud by DOT that involves fraudulently obtaining different tags, names, and common DOT numbers. This has been a persistent problem for the federal government, however, shippers want to also partner with reliable carriers. The new system simplifies the process. The FMSCA estimates savings of approximately 9 million dollars on the costs of time and expenses for 10 years due to this change.

The agency will also be able to better deal with what’s referred to in the industry as “Chameleon Carriers” or “Reincarnated Carriers”. These businesses swindle the system by shutting down their operations with a particular name and number, and following that, they register as an entity legally recognized. Numerous businesses used this method to clean the slate of any compliance with regulations and penalties for violations of public safety-which falls under the oversight of the FMCA.

FMCSA has been working to manage this issue as it could lead to substantial costs for FMCSA and those businesses who are wrongly accused of trying to make use of this kind of fraud. The agency is also able to identify small and medium-sized private as well as exempt-for-hire carriers. The investigators can quickly connect with these businesses, which were difficult to find.


The majority of new client registrations take place via paper forms. Companies that don’t have internet access must find third-party processing services, and have access to libraries that are public or other options and kiosks at truck stops as well as travel centers.

Common locations to look for internet connectivity while driving:

  • Hotel business centers
  • Public Libraries
  • Tourism Offices

A few notes regarding Public Wifi:

  • Be cautious when connecting to the internet via insecure WiFi networks. Use an encrypted version of the URL. It must start with HTTP HTTP http:/// (the”s” is for secure)
  • Be sure that the entire session is secured. Every page should verify that the address starts with HTTP. (some websites are secure only once you have logged in)
  • Your information could be accessed when you connect to a non-secure connection

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