Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Machines

Small Production UHT or HTST Aseptic Fillers for Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology Our small UHT and HTST processors are customs built with clients’ needs in mind.

We offer small-scale UHT and HST plant equipment for R&D and the production of pharmaceutical products. They create higher quality and more consistent results than batch systems. Our equipment is available with customization options that address our clients’ specific needs, such as fast and easy operations, “stabilizability/serializability”, process data recording, integration with existing equipment, GMP requirements, and more.

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Whether you need aseptic filling, aseptic stripping, or aseptic filtration for your pharmaceutical products, KNF can help. We offer reliable and efficient pharmaceutical aseptic filling machines to review your product and discuss your manufacturing needs. KNF offers custom design capabilities, unique engineering services, and extensive experience in the area of pharmaceutical GMP equipment. With years of expertise in the industry, we can meet your needs with small-scale equipment to large-scale production lines.

Our low-volume units allow the production of liquids at lower temperatures.

Our standard pharmaceutical line is available with many options, including a choice of wetted materials, process controls, and processing abilities (Peltier heaters for heat/cooling or steam for heating/re-circulation).

Modifications to these can be made as well: “cleanability” and stabilizability are available. Steam sparging can also be added to maintain sterility between batches.

Our engineers are available to discuss your requirements for more information about our small-scale UHT and HTST aseptic processors,

as well as the other patented systems that Doval brings to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries. Contact us today.

The right equipment allows you to provide a higher quality product to your customer and it helps you to be more efficient.

That’s why we have a complete line of, Our Pharmaceutical Aseptic Filling Machines can fill batches up to 2 liters, giving you the versatility you need.

These filling machines are available with a wide range of options and flow rates of up to 10 liters per minute depending on the product, size, and processing conditions.

They are custom built with our client’s needs in mind such as functionality, easy and fast operation, safety, process data recording, and integration with existing equipment.

The Biopharmaceutical filling machine series for UHT and HTS is designed for small, biopharmaceutical customers.

You get a filling machine that is easy to operate and offers a high degree of “cleanability”.

The machines can be made cleanable and are compatible with the most commonly available cleaning technologies. A variety of flow rates are available from 4 up to 10 LPM depending on the product. We will help you find the most suitable model and parameters to fit your needs.

The ATC machinery is enhanced with our flexible and innovative design philosophy to provide fully integrated processing solutions.

The small-scale UHT and HTST Equipment we manufacture can be used in pharmaceutical, small-scale biotechnology, food, cosmetic, chemical, and related industries.

It offers high-capacity productivity, minimal water consumption, and energy usage.

If you are looking to produce high-quality and consistent products and are considering ways to automate various steps in the process, our UHT/HTST pharmaceutical aseptic filling machines might be a good fit for your production needs.

Our pharmaceutical aseptic filling machines allow for the processing of viral particles, proteins, and cells that have a high risk of being destroyed or damaged by exposure to heat, pressure, and other thermal effects.

We offer the latest in gastight technology that our clients can take advantage of because they are able to meet cGMP regulations easily.

We have more than 60 years of experience building aseptic filling equipment for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Our aseptic filling machines are automated, high-speed bottlers that can fill a range of products.

They are designed to keep your small-scale process simple, and they can be scaled up to meet the needs of your commercial or large-scale production.

We offer services like installation and preventative maintenance, so you can be confident in our equipment’s ability to create consistently good products.

Our small-scale UHT and HTST production equipment create higher quality, more consistent products than batch processes often used in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Thus, they are often used for R&D and production of a variety of growth media, as well as high-value/low-volume products such as extracts and other products containing APIs.

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