What are the Functions of Packaging Inserts?

Packaging Inserts: You’ve received your next order almost completely. You’ve checked the packing checklist, and you’ve checked that your order will not be damaged on its journey. And now you’re ready to seal the box.


Where is the packaging insert?

Intro to Packaging Inserts

A package insert offers you the chance to make more sales, find an additional customer, or get rid of old inventory. All you need is just a piece of paper. Packaging inserts don’t need to be more than a letter. Many Etsy sellers include a basic handwritten thank you note with each purchase.

Also, a business card is printed with coupons. This is how:

It’s only the start of what you can accomplish.

You’ve plenty to accomplish already, and you’re just trying to take this package to the right place. Do you think that tinkering on the insert of your package will be worthwhile?

In a nutshell, “Yes.

Why Should We Use Packaging Inserts?

Are you still not convinced that you should be a part of your routine packing and shipping regimen?

Moment of Unboxing

We’ve previously written about how wonderful the moment of unboxing is for customers. Included in the box ensures your message is an integral part of the moment. Package inserts – beautiful ones – are often read, maybe because they bring back memories of gift cards included with gifts.

Shipping Costs

You’ve already shipped the box. It’s unlikely that the additional grams of weight added from the insert of your package will cost you more.

Save Cost

If you’re a micro-business, you can write your packaging inserts. Choose a nice piece of stationery or any other exciting craft paper.

Customized Inserts for E-Commerce Business

Personalization is among the most popular trends in e-commerce at the moment. Check out the number of Etsy shops that offer customized goods. Package inserts are an excellent method to personalize a message or make an offer targeted explicitly at certain customer groups.

Conversion Rate

The conversion rate of marketing packages that include package inserts is .35 percent. It can vary between .15 to one percent, but .35 percent is the norm. It’s only for acquisition – for inserts sent to someone who does not know your business. If inserts in packages effectively attract customers, you could see twice the conversion rate (or higher) from current customers.

The way your package inserts transform depends on a variety of things, naturally. However, one of the most effective methods of attracting interest to your inserts is to create them engaging at the beginning.

Packaging Insert Ideas

Making an original handwritten note is a great idea. However, if your company is too busy to create notes for every purchase, you might want to consider printing.

Inserts can be made as business cards or as if they were postcards. Both formats are inexpensive, for example, the price of $20 (including transportation) per 500 cards for business.

Are you looking to make your site be noticed a bit more? Choose a style that is likely to be used again. Similar to bookmarks. High-quality bookmarks can cost more to create (or require a bit more time to create), but they’ll be stored and utilized if they’re excellent and appealing. This means increased “impressions” for your insert. Adding a quote to your bookmark or reducing your branding can also assist.

Another option is to use a gift tag; you can purchase nice custom-designed tags from Etsy or create your own. You can make an opening in the corner of the business card, and your business card is now an attractive gift tag.

It is still possible to personalize your cardboard inserts, naturally. You might want to leave the salutation blank on printed copies. You can then write down each customer’s name before you put the insert in the box. Are you able to add three seconds for the insert? Add your name to the card.

Shuffle the Insert

Sometimes, it’s good to change the inserts in your packages. You can even A/B split test your packaging inserts to determine what offers to perform the best. You might also want to include a particular package insert for large orders. Also, you could include a separate package insert specifically for orders that are the first time.

If you’re using a standard insert in your packaging and only need an alternate insert now and then, it is worth having the standard insert printed. You can then handwrite the one that you use less frequently.

Print your inserts from your home. Plenty of fashionable paper makes a statement and works in any regular printer. Avoid the majority of hand-made papers printed on printing at home; they could cause damage to the insides of the printer.

You can make your own packaging inserts by using stamps or stickers. There are many ways to put a message in the box!

You’ve got some suggestions for formats that you could use for your inserts to packages. Now, what would yours be?

Customer Feedback

Studies have shown the more significant number of positive reviews that an item receives more reviews, the quicker it will sell. Therefore, getting customers to give feedback is the best way to increase sales.


Have some items you’d like to dispose of, but you don’t have enough to give it away to all of us? Create a few flyers and place them in boxes of the people who bought similar products. This will give them a great offer and frees up the space.


Just one person and also give your existing customer an incentive as well. You can say, “Know someone who might be interested in [Your Online Shop] Do you know someone who would like [Your Online Shop]? Here’s a coupon to receive 50% off the first purchase. Once they’ve used the coupon, we’ll mail you a coupon to get 10 percent off your next order.”


We’ve written about sample products previously. These are technically packaging inserts, and you may be thinking about adding some of them, too.

Give them something unique and exciting. This Etsy store offers an attractive business card you can make a thank you note. It’s lovely… however, it’s nothing remarkable. What happens when they add the adorable little paperclip with roses? They’ve also given the client the gift of.

These gifts are more valuable if they’re tied to your company. If the seller made faux floral designs, the small clip would be a gift with an added significance.

Social Networks

This type of content that users create is ideal for businesses. If you are polite to be a part of the conversation, you can also utilize these shares on social media in your marketing.

You can, for instance, reuse any post from your customers. You can also add the “as seen on social media” section on your website or email notifications.

Design your own Packaging Inserts

Catalog companies have used packages for decades, and they’re among the most effective and oldest strategies for marketing. This is why retailers utilize their own packages inserts, and the reason why they have a program for swapping inserts in packages, too.

Yes, you can pay for your package to be inserted placed in another company’s package. This kind of swap usually is only available to large companies, and therefore, the swaps are purchased in the hundreds of thousands.

You could make a swap smaller as well.

It is necessary to find an organization similar to yours and not a rival. They might be bigger or less than you. If you’re on an extremely tight budget for marketing, it is possible to change the inserts if your company delivers around the same number of packages as you do.

If you had an affordable budget, you could shell out 20 to $50 per 1500 to have your packages placed in another business’s boxes.

Suppose you can negotiate the terms of a deal with just two or three complementary businesses. In that case, the program for your package insert could be a viable method of attracting new customers.

A thing to keep in mind when you are experimenting with this new channel for marketing Note how often clients you acquire through package inserts return to you. Keeping track of the value of your clients’ value over time depends on the various channels that you market to them through.

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