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What Are The Uber App Passenger Features?

Uber is a ride-hailing service that provides the Uber mobile app, which allows you to submit a trip request that is automatically delivered to a nearby Uber driver, alerting them to your location. After that, the accepting Uber driver will come to pick you up and bring you to your desired location. Without you having to speak a word or take out your money, the Uber app analyzes the driver’s navigational path. Calculates the distance and fare, and transmits payment to the driver from your specified payment method.

The Uber-like app offers some of the greatest on-demand cab booking options by upgrading service quality as needed. And combining resources, infrastructure, reliability, and technology in a seamless manner. It also ensures success in today’s competitive industry by providing an Uber clone app development service with integrated technologies.

So, Uber is a simple program that targets customers, increases business profitability, and keeps track of everything. As a result, developing an app comparable to Uber could be a good idea for your company.

Uber clone is a flawless and ready-to-use taxi app solution that transforms the traditional taxi company into a new digital travel experience. Both the domestic taxi company and high-demand services scale up to the best of their abilities.

Important Passenger Features:

  1. Registration tab: 
    The customers are required to sign up through email addresses or social media. To make online payments the customers are required to add their bank account or card details. 
  1. Booking tab:
    The customers are offered a booking interface page where they enter details of pick up destination and drop point. 
  2. Total estimated fare calculator:
    The feature gives the customers an approx. Estimation of the total fare of the ride even before they book the cab. 
  3. Tracking tools and review tab:
    The passengers book a cab and they eagerly want to know where the cab is and how much time it is going to be arriving or reach the final destination. There is a ratings and reviews section for the driver when they book a taxi. 
  4. Communication tab: 
    The customers will like to call their cab driver and know where the cab is or tell the driver the exact pickup location. A communication tab will have the contact details of the driver or a calling feature that helps passengers communicate better. 
  1. Payment tab:
    The taxi booking app must-have feature of the payment tab and has different options like cash payment, card payment or a feature that send an automatic payment slip or invoice to the passenger’s email id. 
  2. Booking history tab:
    The feature allows users to access their previous booking history and book a cab on the route by tapping on one of the previously booked histories for a faster booking process.
  3. Safety Check-up feature:
    The system encourages the passengers to use this newly released feature that provides safety by turning on and using trusted contacts and verifying my ride and ride check features on the app. 


Uber clone app will assist the desired brand in establishing a growing consumer base and providing an incredible image of success. Having an Uber clone app, which operates under one’s brand name will also secure the success of the taxi business.

Uber clone’s on-demand taxi services will have access to new technological capabilities that will keep them up to date with the latest developments and provide them with a great experience when riding in uber taxis. The uber app passenger features include one of the best pick up and drive out according to the requested destination. The Uber app automatically figures out the navigational route for the driver. It calculates the distance and fare. Also transfers the payment to the driver from the selected payment method. It is a way to a word or grabs the wallet.

Therefore the passenger features of the app include a feature of signing up for drivers and it keeps them updated with their status and complete profile. They also provide license numbers and certification. One important feature is Rating which affects the driver’s current rating as per the riders see. It thus enables you to either recommend or warn against the driver. The passengers are offered an option to choose the type of car and how would they like to travel in as well as the price per kilometre and minute.


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