7 Airlines Offering The Best Economy Class Flight Travel

Choosing an airlines for your international flight is a big task. It will be a considerable expense and a significant component of your travel budget. Furthermore, it will decide whether you spend those long hours comfortably or crammed up in a seat.

While flying, there are different service class options available. It depends on the budget of the traveller to choose one of them. The most common of them are as follows:

  1. First Class
  2. Business Class
  3. Economy Class

You can choose any of them if your budget allows you. They offer different level of services and facilities. For example, for direct flights to India from the USA, you can opt for a bigger one. It will help you fly comfortably on a long flight with comfortable seating.

Apart from that, there are different food, entertainment and lounge options for each class. A higher class allows access to luxury lounges where you can relax.

In comparison, an economy ticket is an excellent choice for budget travelling. The first-class costs the highest while economy the least.

Many airlines offer great quality service in even the economy tickets. It can be an option for budget travellers who need to keep their expenses to a minimum.

They would not have the option to fly in luxury. Also, it is a great way to save money if you wish to spend it somewhere else. You can get that luxury hotel or dine in at the famous restaurants. Saving on your flight ticket can help you save up for the other expenses of travelling.

If you wish to save money while flying, keep on reading. We are listing below the top seven airlines offering great economy class travelling:

Cathay Pacific

It is one of the top carriers of the world, owing to excellent service and hospitality. You can expect a comfortable flight with Cathay Pacific. Many young budget travellers swear by this airline as it offers a consistent quality of service. While the business and first-class indeed give a luxury feel, the economy is excellent too. You’ll have spacious seating and a young staff greeting you.

Also, there are many entertainment and food options on board. As it is based in Hong Kong, you can try out their delicacies and Chinese food.

Delta Airlines

A renowned name in the USA, Delta never fails to deliver a great service. You will find complimentary drinks and snacks on long flights, even in the economy. It will help you have a joyful flying experience with great service quality. Also, it offers two pieces of free baggage, which is excellent for travelling lightly.

You can always expect good results with an experienced and reputed carrier. Book your flight with Delta if you do not have time to search and find other options.

United Airlines

Another leading name, United, is the go-to options for US citizens to fly economy. It has comfortable seating, ideal for long hauls. Also, you get a wide range of food and drinks options depending on the flight duration.

You can carry a weight of up to 50 lbs baggage free of charge. After that, there would be a fee. There are many choices of entertainment options with even private screens.

Singapore Air

Awarded for excellent service and quality, Singapore is one of the top contenders on this list. It offers much more comfort than the other airlines for an economy ticket. You can expect amenity kits, delicious food options on board.

There is a comfortable legroom space and adjustable head resting space. You can expect to have a comfortable flight with this airline. Also, it constantly invests in its technology which is a plus point for flying safely.


For the people who travel with a lot of luggage, Etihad should be the priority. It allows you to carry around 50 lbs of luggage on board, free of charge. Also, Etihad is famous for its luxurious service and quality. They also offer a complimentary drink and free meals on the flight. You can choose from the many options for food and entertainment options on the flight.

You can get your Business class flights to Abu Dhabi here and enjoy excellent luxury services.

Qatar Airways

Another top choice of budget luxury enthusiasts, it cannot be better than Qatar. It offers one of the best services in the economy class, and the comfort is unmatched. You can even spend the flying time by playing games or watch a movie with the fast WiFi connection on board.

Also, there are many wine and food options for you to select and enjoy.

Air India

It is a noteworthy Indian Airline with great offers for economy fliers. You can get continental or the famous Indian food options on board. Also, there is ample space for legroom, allowing for a comfortable seat. It enables you around 55lbs of free baggage, which can vary on the different routes.

Air India can also be an excellent choice if you wish to travel in India. These were the top seven economy carriers of the world. You can choose any of them and begin your vacation right now!

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