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Luxury Pinewood villa in alibaug – Ekostay

Enjoy Your Stay in the Pine Wood Villas

PINEWOOD villa ekostay is located alibaug, India.

Luxury Pinewood villa

The resort offers a very nice relaxing atmosphere with its natural surroundings. It is a 3-bedroom villa with two or three bedrooms.

There are many facilities that one can avail of here like a spa, sauna, boathouse, tennis court, swimming pool and many more.

The villa has an outdoor swimming pool which is open all year round.

Guest can enjoy the on site restaurant.

Property layout

Complimentary breakfast is served in the villa each morning. bungalow Style rooms have a small balcony and private bathroom with a shower.

They come with a private bath with a wash basin and free toiletries

There is a small living room in the villa with a couch and rocking chair.

Outside the villa there is a wooden swimming pool. Outside there is an outdoor kitchen and bar.

The villa is fully furnished and offers a nice relaxing atmosphere. There are an area for relaxing in the courtyard and an outdoor deck.

Sports activities

There are many activities that a guest can participate in like hiking, trekking, horse riding, fishing, sailing, jet skiing, swimming, tennis and many more.

The villa has an outdoor swimming pool and it is possible to swim all year round. The villa is close to the beach and has a very nice beach view.

Nearby places

When you are here, you can have wonderful shopping experiences at the Pinewood Shopping Center.

You can have the option to rent bikes if you want to do some exercise while shopping. The dining area offers many types of cuisine to choose from.

The staff in the villa are very helpful and you will not have any problems with them. They will provide you with everything you need.

If you have pets, they are very friendly and will make sure you are comfortable. You are welcome to bring your family members and friends.

The villa is not suitable for children under 12 years old. For families with kids, the swimming pool is not available.

PINEWOOD villa ekostay is located alibaug, India.

The swimming pool is only for adults.

The activities you will find here are endless.

There is no shortage of things to do here, especially with the winter months around the corner.

There is nothing better than going on a vacation with the family.

Enjoy your vaction at Luxury villa of pinewood

There are so many things you can do here to relax and unwind.

With the pine tree in the background, you will feel as if you are in the middle of nature. You will feel as if you are having a great vacation.

You can invite your friends for a dinner party.

You and your family can spend time together and enjoy life.

This is one place where all the family can mingle. It’s like you are having a family reunion.

Your guests will truly enjoy themselves because there are so many activities to enjoy.

The private swimming pool is so large that it can accommodate two groups of people.

You and your guests can really have fun here. There are also sauna and steam bath hydrotherapy treatments.

All of these are complimentary with a minimum charge.

One of the best parts about staying at the Pine Wood Villa is that you can completely relax and be at peace.

You can go in and out of your villa as you please.

The staff is very kind and very knowledgeable.

There are many relaxing activities you can participate in.

You will feel very comfortable in this private villa.

The setting is very private. It’s like you are on vacation with privacy.

The kitchen provides you with everything you need for meals and entertainment.


There are so many amenities and choices to choose from.

With the services and amenities like this, you are sure to have a great time while staying at the Pine Wood Villa eKo stay in alibaug.

You will feel like royalty while enjoying your stay in this private villa.

You won’t want to leave this Pine Wood Villa when you are done with your vacation. It is perfect for couples, families, and people who love to relax.

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