7 Most Popular Summer Travel Destinations

When summer rolls around, the desire of some people to travel peaks. During the summer season, most of the places have to experience the warm weather.

Moreover, some places have to face longer days. That’s why it is difficult for travellers to decide the best summer travel destinations. If you want to narrow down your options, you will have to consider lots of factors.

In these factors, there come activities and entertainment options. The travellers should also think about the lodging and dining venues.

When you will select the best summer travel destinations for summer tour, you can turn your international trip into an epic experience. Here, we will discuss the most popular summer travel destinations.


If you have a dream to visit Arctic Circle, Greenland is the best summer travel destination for you. It is the most famous place due to its scenic boat trips.

This is the best way to go to various icebergs. When you will go on a scenic boat trip in Greenland, you can also enjoy whales and other sea creatures.

During the summer season, this place has longer days and shorter nights. Therefore, you can spend more time in fun activities during the daylight.

If you are making a plan to visit this place, June to September is the best time for you. If you want to fully enjoy that place, you should spend at least one week in Greenland.

During your visit to Greenland, you should never forget to visit Nuuk, Disko Bugt and Ilulissat etc.


Summer Travel Destinations

Due to its blissful summer weather, London is the most famous summer travel destination in the world. During your visit to London, you should never forget to eat delicious fish and chips.

The delicious fish and chips will encourage you to visit this place again and again. You can also enjoy various festivals in London.

The awesomeness of these festivals will take your visit to the next level. If you want to make your nights funny, you can visit different bars and pubs in London.

March to June are the best months to visit London. Big Ben, London Eye and Tower Bridge are the best places to visit in London.

Due to shopping, nightlife and food tours, it is the best summer travel destination. If you want to explore it fully, you should try to spend at least 3 days in London.

Playa Del Carmen:

Playa Del Carmen

No doubt, Mexico is one of the world’s most famous countries for tourists. Anyhow, only a few tourists know about this summer travel destination.

When you will visit this place, you can enjoy a crowd-free tour. During your visit to Playa Del Carmen, you can enjoy eating Mexican food.

No doubt, it is delicious food. Anyhow, when you will eat this food, you will know that it is cheap food. That’s why it is also one of the best summer travel destinations for foodies.

During your visit to this beautiful beach, you can take part in different activities. In these activities, there comes swimming, night fire and shopping etc.


If you want to get a stunning view of the mountains, Pokhara is the best summer travel destination for you. It is getting attraction of the adventure seekers and nature lovers.

There are lots of mountains in the Pokhara. That’s why you will enjoy the scenic beauty in the Pokhara. When you will visit this stunning place, you can stay in budget hotels.

That’s why you should not worry about expenses while visiting this place. The Pokhara, Mahendra Cave, Phewa Lake and Begans Lake are the best places to visit. In these fun activities, there comes bungee jumping and boating etc.

Cape Town:

Cape Town

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, this is the most pleasant city even during the dry season. That’s why you can also consider it as one of the best summer travel destinations.

If you are looking for a summer trip on a budget, it is also the best choice for you. There are lots of things to do in Cape Town during the summer season.

For example, you can make food tours. You can also do swimming. It is also the best place for hiking and water sports. There are various places to visit in Cape Town.

In these places, there comes Sea Point Swimming Pool and Robben Island Museum etc. During your visit to Cape Town, you should not venture alone at the night.

New Zealand:

New Zealand

Due to scenic landscapes, New Zealand is among the best summer travel destinations for nature lovers. When there is the wintry season in Asia, there is the summary season in New Zealand.

Therefore, if you want to escape from the cool weather, you should arrange a summer tour to New Zealand. When you will land in New Zealand, you can enjoy lots of scenic and beautiful destinations.

These majestic landscapes will provide an overview of another planet. That’s why it is the best place for adventure seekers, photographers and nature lovers.

Lots of Hollywood movies have shot in New Zealand. You can also visit these places. During your visit to New Zealand, you can make shopping, ziplining and wine testing tour etc.

Salt Lake City:

Salt Lake City

Some tourists want to spend most of their time in outdoor activities during their summer travels. If you are also one of them, Salt Lake City is one of the best summer travel destinations for you.

There are various beautiful beaches. It has also pleasant weather. The unique experiences of this place are also attracting the people. You can find various places where you can relax.

When you will arrange your tour from September to October, you can find its weather pleasant. The fascinating landscapes of this place will also attract tourists.

Here, you can visit various places. In these places, there comes Red Butte Garden and Hogle Zoo etc. You can also take part in hiking and cave touring during your visit to Salt Lake City.

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